As One!

As One!

Praying As One as the President Trump & Vice President Pence Prayer Initiative. Uniting As ONE, appealing to heaven to change the spiritual climate in our nation.

“So that with one mind and one voice, you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Romans 15:6



As we stand in The Counsel of the Lord by faith, we declare President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and the administration are empowered by the Seven Spirits of God before the Throne of heaven. The influence of these are felt and effect this administration and therefore America’s future and destiny.

We decree over President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and their administration that the Spirit of the Lord rest upon them. We decree that the very nature of Jesus will be seen and manifest through them and their decisions.

We decree the Spirit of wisdom is upon them so that wise and right decisions are made for God’s purposes to be done in America and the nations of the earth. They walk in the wisdom of God even as Solomon governed in God’s wisdom. Because of wisdom they will not be caught by the words of their mouth, but will have the answer of the tongue from the Lord.

We decree the Spirit of understanding is upon President Trump and His administration. Because of understanding they are able to separate the good from the bad they are able discern between the holy and the profane. (Ezekiel 44:23) The decisions made will agree with God’s character and heart.

We decree the Spirit of counsel rest upon President Trump and the administration. There will be the right counselors surrounding President Trump. We decree that their counsel will be as the counsel of God. (II Samuel 16:23)

We declare the Spirit of might with President Trump. This means he is full of valor and courage. The enemies of the purposes of God through President Trump will become weaker and weaker, while he and his administration become stronger and stronger. (II Samuel 3:1)

We decree President Trump walks in the Spirit of knowledge. He is aware and cunning in his dealings. Things that are hidden come to light and are revealed. Every decision is made with true understanding and insight. Every falsehood is removed and truth is made manifest!

We decree President Trump walks in the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. He and his administration govern from the fear of the Lord. The decisions made are done so with the awareness that the eyes of the Lord are pondering the paths.

President Trump and his administration judge righteous judgments. They have supernatural influence from the Spirit of the Lord and His angels. Through this administration the ways of God are established in America and the nations of the earth!

Prayer From: Robert Henderson Ministries, 661 E Main St., Suite 200-251, Midlothian, TX 76065
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