Rosh Hashanah

Yom Teruah – Rosh Hashanah begins this Sunday evening, October 2, 2016 at sundown.

It is also called the Feast of Trumpets. Our instructions are to hear the sound of the Shofar!

In the natural, we are used to hearing the shofar.

However, when it is an appointed time to listen, the power and energy of God’s sound becomes even greater.

We know this sound – this frequency carries the wake up call to all of our physical, soul and spiritual cells.

It is endued with the ability to tell everything within us to wake up, make those course corrections that will align us more with God …

… and imprint on us the NOW SOUND of God for this year.

Kristin Gunard Walch
St Louis County Coordinator
Arrowhead Region Leader

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