2017 Letter from Karen

Welcome to 2017
and our second quarterly
MnAPN Newsletter!

Karen Krueger - MN (RPN & HAPN)

Karen Krueger – MN (RPN & HAPN)

Dear Minnesota Prayer Warriors,

We have now entered 2017 and my hope is that you all have great memories of this past Christmas season and will be blessed of the Lord and prosper in every way in the coming New Year.

This is an amazing time to be alive and witness the hand of God moving among us in such a powerful way.  We are in a major paradigm change in our nation and we are privileged to be participants, along with a great army of prayer warriors, to wage battle on our knees during this pivotal year of TURNAROUND and SHIFT!  The Hebrew year 5777, the year of the Ruling Sword.  This is the season for the End Time Revolutionaries (Minnesota intercessors) to rise as the War Eagle Regiment – our first responsibility: PRAYER!

It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the release of our first quarterly MnAPN Newsletter.  Since that day in October we, as a prayer network, have driven to Washington D.C. for the 1st Native American National Day of Prayer, held the amazing Soar Conference, launched the War Eagles Regiment, prayed on site at all 87 Minnesota County Courthouses, prayed through our National Elections, celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannakuh, & New Years and here we are. Whew! And all through this do we get a vacation?  Noooo!  But it is definitely time to enter the REST of the LORD and keep flowing with the SHIFT we are in.  In this most exciting and critical time we do not want to “vacate” our focus, seeing, hearing or praying.  PUSH! – Pray Until Something Happens!

Well, something is definitely going to happen.  In just a few days on January 20th the United States will hold a historic Presidential Inauguration.  This certainly has been the most controversial election and coming inauguration of our lifetime.  It has caused me to look back to a time years ago when I was praying for the coming 2008 elections and crying out to the Lord for our the United States of America. And since then, together with all of you, I have been consistently praying for a turning of our nation back to the Lord.

Now, in what seems to be a most unusual way, we are seeing a major shift of “thrones” that looks nothing like what we could have imagined.  But the most amazing thing about this shift is that we know the hand of God is turning this big ship (U.S.) to His safe harbor.  We can’t explain it.  Words that we use to express what we are experiencing don’t always seem to fit. But as we yield to and get on board with what the Lord is doing we are beginning to flow in the ‘rest of the Lord.’  Praise the Lord!! His rest is calming, healing, encouraging, energizing, strengthening, exhilarating and so much more . . . .!  And I believe the most powerful fruit that comes from  resting in the Lord is the great assurance that no matter what circumstances look like . . . everything is right on track and moving forward with a sovereign momentum. The sovereignty of God is navigating this incredible journey.

Also, the REST of the Lord is not a time of shrinking back.  In fact it is very powerful.  Out of our times of rest comes the strength to press on and persevere in a very powerful and effective prayer life. PUSH! The Lord will guide each of in and out of our times of rest and our times of war.  So glad to have you all as comrades in this beautiful battle.

The Lord is bringing this scripture to us in 2017 . . .

Psalm 116:7-9 (NKJV)
Return to your rest, O my soul,
For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.
For You (Lord) have delivered my soul from death,
My eyes from tears, And my feet from falling.
I will walk before the Lord In the land of the living.

Love you all,
Karen Krueger, State Coordinator
Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network (MnAPN)
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