Tent America

 Awaken The Dawn …

… is a grassroots movement of day and night worship and prayer. More than an event, we are a nationwide growing community that share the value of hosting the presence of God, leading to a third great awakening in America and the nations…

                             OCTOBER 17 – 19, 2019

In 2019 Awaken the Dawn is hosting Tent America. Everyone throughout the United States is welcome to participate as we canopy America with worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation. What would happen if God’s personal presence was made central in the cities, towns, campuses, and universities of our nation?

Join us in the movement.

It’s time to see the worth of Jesus go viral.



In Minnesota:  At the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul there will be a Tent of Worship  taking place from Thursday 5 a.m. until Saturday afternoon 2 p.m.  Also in many communities and at various college campuses throughout the state and in all 50 states in our nation there will be times of worship in alignment with Tent America.

Call to the Wall