Worship Twin Cities

The Lord is calling believers in St. Paul and Minneapolis to Twin City-wide times of worship.  Through this we expect to see amazing changes that will bring the righteousness, justice and truth of the Lord to prevail in these cities and throughout our state. Let’s come together and worship to see increased breakthrough for the Glory of the Lord.

As worshippers we are in the continual posture of pressing into the Lord so that we might see greater evidence of His Kingdom life in our land.  This is a spiritual battle between and good and evil.  God’s protocol in battle is that Judah goes first.  High praise precedes battle!  So we plan to gather monthly and worship and spend glorious time in the presence of the Lord.

Everyone is invited to come!

We had our first gathering on Saturday, Nov. 9th at the Josiah Center in Maplewood. Now our second evening for Worship Twin Cities will be Saturday, Dec. 14th at 7 p.m.

After the first of the year we plan to meet in a different location in the Twin Cities each month.  Please help get the word out and invite worshippers to gather with us. We need a breakthrough in both of these cities which will impact our state and nation.

I look forward to seeing you at “Worship Twin Cities!”

God Bless,
Karen Krueger

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