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40 Days of Praying in Unity for the Nation – September 28 until Election Day, November 6 “Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love,...

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Restore Minnesota (prayer initiative)

Restore Minnesota (prayer initiative)

    Click to view or print:  Gods Restoration of Minnesota Prayer Guide To view and print the text version of the Prayer Guide, click anywhere on the image...

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National Prayer Alerts!

National Prayer Alerts!

PRAYING THE WORD OF GOD FOR AMERICA       Hebrews 4:12-13 For the word of the Lord is living and active. Sharper than any double edged sword… …Nothing in...

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“I hear the gavel coming down.
Turnaround verdict is now being released
to MN, and from MN to the Nations!
It is stopping the enemy in his tracks.
Your own journey gets back on track so you can
reach your intended destiny in Jesus Christ.”

Jon Hamill / Glory Train Turnaround Tour / March 2016

“I have come to pierce your ear in this state.
I have come to realign you with Me …
You are no longer slaves to the ruling forces that
were controlling the people of this region,
but now you will hear and become one that serves
me and a state that impacts this nation.”

Chuck Pierce – Jubilee Duluth Conf./Nov. 2015

“… the gates are open for the
church in this state to come forth …
the legislative government
of God in the earth
can begin to take on its full
Kingdom expression in Minnesota!”

Dutch Sheets – Duluth Jubilee Conf./ Nov. 2015

The Lord says “I’m getting ready to push
the RESET button for this state.
My Word will not be delayed any longer.
The momentum that was seemingly lost
will be gained by a double-portion.
I am bringing you into a full circle season.”

 Cindy Jacobs – Duluth/April 30, 2014

This area and region is to be a forerunner
for awakening and revival for this North American
continent. Walk in the light, talk the truth,
be in My word, use heavenly wisdom and
discernment. There is a release of angels to this
region that will continue to increase.

Sean Morrissey – June 1, 2016

“Re-open the trade routes to the Lord .
There is a trade portal that must be
closed to the enemy and reopened to the Lord
which will have an affect on the whole nation.
This will affect the whole I35 Corridor.”

Katherine Watsey – 2010

Minnesota is rising! All who are listening
from Minnesota take note of this. The Lord says
that something is rising in Minnesota
whether you understand it or not,
agree with Him and declare it into the
heavens.  Minnesota is rising!

Robert & Linda Heidler – February 2007

“I saw a very large angel
standing over the Mississippi river.
He was so large that
I only saw his lower torso.
The spirit said,
“This is a continental angel.”

Betsy Moeller, South Dakota Prayer Coordinator (2014)

As the portal was opened, I saw the two Worship
Angels assigned to MN, one for musicians/one for
vocalists. They were seen above the waters at the
Headwaters dancing and spinning and twirling.
They were dipping their garments in the water as
they were dancing & twirling. Rejoicing,  joy-filled!!!

Karen Gibson – Oct. 2013/Worship at the River

  • Jon & Jolene Hamill
  • Chuck Pierce
  • Dutch Sheets
  • Cindy Jacobs
  • Sean Morrissey
  • Katherine Watsey
  • Robert & Linda Heidler
  • Betsy Moeller
  • Karen Gibson


Minnesota State and Focus Leaders

Karen Krueger

Karen Krueger

Founder of Call to the Wall • State Coordinator for the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network (MnAPN)

Kris Jacobson

Kris Jacobson

MnAPN State Mobilization Coordinator

Erick Rantala

Erick Rantala

MnAPN North Quad Leader • Beltrami County Leader

Sally Kassuelke

Sally Kassuelke

MnAPN South Quad Leader

To Be Filled

MnAPN East Quad Leaders • Shofar Ministry

Brad Sunde

Brad Sunde

MnAPN West Quad Leader

Kristin and Dan Walch

Kristin and Dan Walch

MnAPN Arrowhead Region Leaders • St. Louis County Coordinators • Education Mountain Focus • Call to the Wall Advisory Board

Ruth Schueler

Ruth Schueler

MnAPN South Quad Leader • Martin County Leader

Shofar Ministry / Releasing the Clarion Sound

MnAPN Religion Mountain Focus

Sandra Roesner

Sandra Roesner

MnAPN Government Mountain Coordinator

Danielle & Corey Freitag

Danielle & Corey Freitag

MnAPN Human Trafficking Focus

Pat Moulton

Pat Moulton

MnAPN 7 Mountain Coordinator • Family Mountain Focus

Jon Parsons

Jon Parsons

MnAPN Media Mountain Focus • Call to the Wall Advisory Board

Steve Newton

Steve Newton

Call to the Wall Advisory Board

Julie Tuorila

Call to the Wall Advisory Board • Finance Director

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