Prophetic Words for the Hebraic month of Av

Prophetic Word for the Hebraic Month of Av

by Lori Perz

 Welcome to the Hebraic month of Av (August 2-31). The word Av means “father” and this is a key month for us as the sons and daughters of God to access our Father God’s love in greater ways and to share that love as He leads. It truly is a time for the spirit of adoption that cries “Abba Father” to be unlocked from our human spirit on a deeper level and for this spirit of adoption to be released to every sphere He places us—including our families but even our nation. It’s time for us to fully live from our spirit, not our soul, and to move freely in the spirit of sonship as God’s very own. We are co-heirs with Jesus Christ!

This new move of God, the Third Great Awakening, has been catalyzed in America. We are forerunners of this! A central dimension of it is the heart of Father God being released, His love AND power, to multitudes who are crying out for Him and a genuine encounter with Him—leading to salvation, healing and deliverance.

Right now in the United States, there are many resounding this cry, as they’re reeling from trauma and terror. As most of you know, our nation recently suffered a double massive loss with two back-to-back mass shootings within 24 hours (including many other shootings that have taken place this year as well).

To place context around this, we are in the time known as the “dire straits,” a window of time that begins on the 17th of Tammuz (when the Israelites erected the golden calf/Molech) and ends 3 weeks later on Tisha B’Av (the 9th of Av). This year that date on our calendar is August 11.

The “dire straits” connects to many atrocities and devastations in Jewish history that have taken place historically in this window. Most notably, BOTH the first and second Temple were destroyed on that same date. This window of time is one of mourning, repentance and fasting for many Jewish people today. And, as we look at the atrocities and devastations taking place in our nation, particularly with these shootings, we would also be wise to do the same.

But the bigger picture is that in the midst of any devastation, we know that as the sons and daughters of God, we do not grieve as those who have no hope! We are kingdom reformers releasing the aroma of hope wherever we go. We are led in a triumphal procession in Christ. This is who we are.

As Isaiah 60 prophesies, though darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people, the glory of the Lord arises upon us. God’s glory is arising and shining and radiating from His overcoming, triumphant Bride in this hour—especially in the darkness that the enemy is seeking to increase in this hour. This is the time to receive the fresh oil of intimacy with our Bridegroom to keep our lamps burning and to announce, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh! Let all be made ready!” This is truly our time to SHINE.

As I sought the Lord regarding what He’s saying in this month of Av, He brought to mind several pieces that He showed me in March of this year around Purim. He confirmed this in several ways, including revealing to me that this past Monday, August 5 was the same day in history that Nehemiah began to REBUILD the walls of Jerusalem! As you know, God supernaturally accelerated this process and it was completed in just 52 days. This is the window of time we are in now! God is speaking to us about REBUILDING the GATES.

Below is a portion of my prophetic scribing from March of this year that ties into NOW:

In this hour of stunning turnaround, the Lord has been highlighting remarkable parallels between the national turnarounds in the Books of Esther and Nehemiah. There is powerful application for us and the times we are living in.

As most of you know, Purim celebrates the miraculous turnaround that Queen Esther and Mordecai brought that literally preserved the Jewish people from extinction and empowered them, by a “new decree,” to “possess their kingdom” (Daniel 7:22). On Purim this year, March 21, the United States rose up in our “Esther mantle.” Our President made a stunning declaration that after 52 years, America officially recognized Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights. Just like Esther, America boldly stood for the Jewish people. This land is absolutely crucial for Israel’s security and survival.

Regarding Nehemiah, it’s Interesting that the number of days that he and God’s people took to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem was also 52.

It’s also very interesting that the name “Golan” means “revolution.”

 This official recognition is also a remarkable display of the restoration of Israel’s borders and boundaries. Acts 3:19-21 uses the word “apokastasis” or “restoration of all things.” This is a return to original intent! As we look at borders restored, Chuck Pierce has prophesied about this year of 5779 being a year of “border wars” but also a new watchman anointing for a new move of Holy Spirit. We are also in the Hebraic decade of “70” which means “coming out of captivity” and “restoration!”

God promises in Genesis 12:3: “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.” By declaring Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, our nation invoked the blessings of God upon our nation as well.

Physical restoration of the land and borders dovetails with spiritual restoration. This is demonstrated in a powerful way through the Book of Nehemiah. He and the people came together AS ONE to restore the “boundaries and borders” of Jerusalem and all of its GATES. As they did that, this paved the way for spiritual restoration and revival.

So, what does this mean for Israel in this hour of history? God promises a spiritual revival to Israel and He is setting the stage now through the restoration of the land and boundaries. They are interconnected. And, while we are on this topic, we need to keep the Middle East Peace Plan in our prayers. God makes it very clear in His Word that His covenant land is never to be divided (Joel 3:2)!

As for America, how is God bringing about restoration of “borders and boundaries” in our nation? How is God setting the stage for a greater flow and igniting of this Third Great Awakening in America?

HAPN National Leader Lynne Alderson prophesied that 2019 is the Year to Secure the Gates. The Lord is mobilizing us as the ekklesia, just like he did in Nehemiah’s time, to secure and rebuild our gates. To be like the “200 and 12” trustworthy gatekeepers in the time of Solomon’s temple. The Bible says that they possessed the keys to both the temple and to the treasury! Ponder that significance!

There is also something historic currently taking place in Israel–AT THE GATES. In February, the Shaar HaRachamim, Mercy Gate or Golden Gate, on the Temple Mount, compound was breached by Muslims on the key time gate of 2/22 after being sealed for 16 years. A mosque was established there. This gate is essentially the East Gate in which Yeshua entered Jerusalem through (Triumphal Entry) and Ezekiel 44 speaks of Yeshua returning through the East Gate (Ezekiel 44:2). Can you feel the WEIGHT of this GATE?

I read an update article written on 7/22 (!) that stated the Israeli Supreme Court has been involved and apparently the state of Israel is now in negotiations with Jordan, and the mosque is closed for the next 6 months. This is something to WATCH.

It’s interesting that Nehemiah speaks about the restoration of 10 gates in Jerusalem. The eighth gate to be restored is this very gate, the East Gate. The number “8” speaks of new beginnings.

What is God saying about these events at the East Gate, or Mercy/Golden Gate? How is God calling this gate to be secured in this hour, even for the restoration of His glory and His glorious return?

As we ponder the Purim miracle of the recognition of Golan Heights that took place involving the two covenant nations of Israel and America, we can also see some incredible parallels between the Book of Nehemiah and the Book of Esther.

 *In both accounts, a nation was in crisis. In Esther’s day, the Jewish people were literally facing a holocaust. In Nehemiah’s time, the “wall of Jerusalem was broken down and its gates were on fire.”

*Both Esther and Nehemiah responded to this crisis with a spiritual solution: fasting and prayer.

*Incredible favor from God was upon both Esther, who “won the favor of everyone who saw her” (Esther 2:15), and Nehemiah, who “found favor in [the king’s] sight”(Nehemiah 2:5).

*Both Esther and Nehemiah were promoted and positioned by God into high-ranking positions in a foreign government in order to preserve and rebuild the nation.

*A humble, but bold approach to the king with a weighty request is found in both accounts.

*Both of these leaders displayed a sacrificial willingness to risk their lives. Esther could have been killed for approaching the king unannounced and Nehemiah risked execution by displeasing the king with his sorrowful countenance.

*The king essentially asked both of them, “What do you want me to do?” (Nehemiah 2:4; Esther 5:3).

*Both of them not only made one request, but several appeals to the king–those requests were granted.

*Covert intel for key assignments was given to both Esther, through Mordecai, and Nehemiah, through his secret nocturnal assignment to survey the gates of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:11-16).

*Both Esther and Nehemiah used great discretion in their requests to the king and in their assignments.

*Because of the spiritual leadership and bold action of both Nehemiah and Esther, the people were emboldened, inspired and mobilized to also rise up in renewed courage to do their part to take back the land.

*In both accounts of Esther and Nehemiah, miraculous turnaround took place and the entire nation was not only preserved but advanced!

God is a multigenerational God. He worked through Esther (and Mordecai) to save the nation and then that freedom torch was passed to Nehemiah and his people, to continue the work that God wanted completed. Again, this was so much more than restoring the physical wall, it was ultimately about the spiritual restoration that God wanted to bring to His people.

Ezra the scribe joined Nehemiah in being very instrumental for this call from God. Last year, I prophesied that we are very much in an “Ezra window.” I encourage you to read the book of Ezra with your prophetic lenses on.

It’s time for us to take this freedom torch from our spiritual ancestors of Esther and Nehemiah, Ezra and Daniel, and others…to TAKE THE LAND like Joshua did. We will not only see the physical restoration of our nation that God wants to bring, but the spiritual restoration that God has promised in this Third Great Awakening. We have a key part to play, just like Esther and Nehemiah did!

Arise (in strength and power) and shine, like the royal son or daughter you are called to be. You have been prepared. You have been positioned and promoted for such a time as this. You have the favor of the king. Stand in humility and boldness and make your requests. Write your decrees. Wield the keys that God has given you as you watch at the gates like Mordecai and Nehemiah. Build the kingdom of God, with a trowel in one hand and a spear in the other!

Yeshua is the King at our head, our Breaker (Micah 2:13). Secure and go through the gates and bring turnaround triumph in every sphere God places you–for His great name and glory!

The Third Great Awakening is HERE!

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