10 Points of Prayer over the Nation

10 Points of Prayer over the Nation during an election season


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Direction for the whole nation in an election season


1. Totally control the airwaves over this state and nation.

2. Bind the strongman through worship. Coordinate worship/prayer times with teams going out to pray or campaigning and election activity taking place.

3. Pray Psalm 91 outloud to “secure the borders” and decree that no corruption will be allowed to function in your state.

4. Pray against voter fraud and for corruption to be exposed in the state.

5. Decree the complete Lordship of Jesus Christ over your state.

6. Agree there is going to be a state and nation-wide spiritual revival and awakening.

7. Pray that only those elected officials who line up with God’s word will be elected and legislate those out of office who do not.

8. Decree that your land and all state officials, both elected and appointed, will come into alignment with Israel and the Jewish people.

9. Pray that your land/state will be “married to the Lord Jesus Christ”.

10. Shout for the Lord will give you victory.

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