Holy time gate of Shavout/Pentecost / June 3, 2020 / Lori Perz

Prophetic Word

Holy time gate of Shavout/Pentecost

by Lori Perz
June 3, 2020

On May 25, 2020, Memorial Day, the day when we honor the heroic men and women in our Armed Forces who literally laid down their lives as a sacrifice to preserve the freedom of America, the enemy plotted an ungodly sacrifice through the horrific killing of George Floyd.  The enemy quickly began to use this ungodly sacrifice to empower his utterly demonic, coordinated agendain Minnesota and then spread it to the rest of the nation–like a plague.


The enemy also strategically struck right before the holy time gate of the biblical feast of Shavout/Pentecost, which many prophets had perceived to be an unprecedented feast this year.  This feast pictures the covenantal love in marriage between God and His people.


In the Old Testament the “bride gift” given to God’s Bride was the Word/Torah.  In the New Testament the “bride gift” was Holy Spirit poured out at Pentecost.  The Lord had spoken to me in April that He had a new “bride gift” for His Bride at this Shavuot/Pentecost.  The enemy hates this covenant love and mercy.  It’s no wonder that he would strike with a vengeance to try to stop this gift from coming and to try to stop this move of God’s Spirit–but this holy move is unstoppable.


Shavuot/Pentecost is also the feast of the HARVEST.  Once again, the enemy slammed our city/state/nation with brute force right before this time gate connected to HARVEST.  This is very much like the Midianites who came to maraud (like the looting, violence, terror, stealing, etc. we’re seeing now) to steal the harvest right as it is being brought in.  But God’s answer was GIDEON and his 300!  Minnesota has been prophesied to be a Gideon army and one of the qualities aboutthis army is that they moved “as one man”.


This is true unity and despite what the enemy is doing, it is coming forth in this hour.  God’s holy unity, which begins in our oneness with Father, Son and Holy Spirit as individual believers, has immense power.  This is one of our greatest weapons in this hour:  true unity that can only come from Holy Spirit.  Like what the various tribes, tongues and nations of the 120 experienced in the Upper Room at Pentecost.


It’s notable that this whole outbreak of rage and violence began with an alleged counterfeit $20 bill. God spoke to me and said that this outbreak is filled with COUNTERFEITS of the enemy!  Counterfeit “justice” trying to be attained, counterfeit fires, counterfeit “unity” among those aligning their hearts with the enemy.  But, GOD IS THE REAL!  He is releasing and demonstrating the REAL and that’s why the enemy is desperately countering to release the counterfeit!


God’s people are on the offense to destroy the works of the devil and release the kingdom!  The leaven of Herod, religious/political spirit and counterfeit government,is trying to expand in an accelerated way through COVID-19 and now this violence and rioting in our city, BUT GOD is expanding the leaven of the KINGDOM, His government on the earth!


Minnesota:  Threshing Floor and Holy Separating


The prophetic destiny of Minnesota is the Threshing Floor of the Nation.  Threshing involves separating from the grain and the chaff.  God spoke to me that HIS holy SEPARATING prevails over the ungodly separating of the enemy.  The Lord, especially in this “Sabbath” time/reset of COVID-19, has been bringing a separation with His Word.  It’s gone deep into His yielded people to bring a SEPARATING between soul and spirit, joint and marrow and judging the thoughts and intentions of our hearts (Hebrews 4:12).


God is SEPARATING His people from the world, setting us apart in this set aside timeframe of the past several months.  He has been speaking Jeremiah 51 to me for almost 3 years now, which is about Babylon judged.  It’s a “come out of her My people” call to SEPARATE from the Babylonian ways and systems.  God has been doing much of this through the COVID crisis and now He is giving His people opportunity to come out and be separate even more.


God is also growing His remnant in discernment, which is a form of SEPARATINGbetween good and evil (Hebrews 5:14).  The word “thresh” means “to judge”and I have been prophesying for several years now about the third branch of the heavenly government operating through God’s ekklesia:  judge!  We are kings, priests and judges (Isaiah 33:22).  There is a righteous judging (not demonic judgmentalism) that God is calling His mature people to in this hour (John 7:24).


Additionally, God has been preparing a Zadok priesthood, a pure priesthood, to SEPARATE between the holy and the profane.  God is SEPARATING right now like He miraculously separated and parted the waters of the Red Seato deliver His people and establish them in their Promised Land.  Consider also the “separating” in the heavens when the Holy Spirit rested on Jesus after He was baptized.  This was a profound moment of the Sonship of Jesus being affirmed by the Father.  So, too, are we in this moment right now as the mature sons and daughters of God are arising and releasing the spirit of adoption in our nation that so desperately needs Father God (Romans 8:15).


In the midst of the holy separating, the enemy, as a counter move and counterfeit, has been doing ungodly SEPARATING.  He is engineering this between races, the law enforcement and their communities, churches and more.  This is an ancient tactic of his.  But, GOD’s holy SEPARATING prevails!


Decade of Matthew 17 and John 17/Winds of the Spirit


As mentioned above, God is bringing a new oneness and unity to His people.  Just like the “one accord” of the Upper Room.  There is a fresh habitation upon us that God has been preparing us for in this “cocoon” of COVID.  We have been growing and changing, like a metamorphosis.  That word “metamorphoo” is used in the Mount of Transfiguration account (Matthew 17:2).  That is happening to the Bride.  We are coming out of these “cocoons” a DIFFERENT FORM, like a caterpillar to a butterfly!  Transfigured!  Shining and radiating the glory LIGHT of GOD in a greater way!  Isaiah 60:1-2!


One of the words I released last fall [2019] for the Hebraic decade of PEY (17th letter) is the Decade of Matthew 17 and John 17.  It’s a decade of a Matthew 17 transfiguration of God’s people and John 17 unity manifesting!  I believe both of these are happening now in America, despite the multiple crises we are in as a state/nation.


Winds of Spirit on the High Place of the Threshing Floor/Elijah Anointing


The Threshing Floor was built on a HIGH PLACE to catch the WINDS for winnowing.  God is speaking about the WIND of HIS SPIRIT in this hour!  His breath and life!  His holy whirlwindsthat literally reverse and dismantle the ungodly, counterfeit whirlwinds the enemy is trying to stir up.  That uncoil the snakes and their constriction.


Minnesota has been called a Forerunner Stateand right now, in the midst of the crisis, we are moving in this forerunner anointing to break open the way for the rest of the nation.  Specifically the turning of the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers–releasing FATHER’S LOVE in the midst of the chaos and pain and anger.  The Father’s Love is the hallmark of this Third Great Awakening!  The headwaters of the Mississippi River in MN is the Father of Rivers that flows down to all of the nation.


That forerunning anointing of Elijah that was on John the Baptist is coming forth afresh too–to turn the hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom of the JUST (Luke 1:17)!  To make ready a people prepared for the Lord!  Our Bridegroom King is coming–and coming to His Threshing Floor and Altar in a new way! 


I believe all of this clearly ties into the Book of Ruth that is central to Shavuot/Pentecost.


Minnesota:  Altar of the Nation


Minnesota shifted to being the Altar of the Nation in 2016 based on a prophetic word by Jon and Jolene Hamill.  The altar is the place of worship, sacrifice, surrender, offering and more.  The altar is the place of HOLY FIRE.  There are several accounts in the Word of God where holy fire fell from heaven and one account connects to David offering a sacrifice on the threshing floorof Ornan.  Fire fell and the plague was stopped (1 Chronicles 21:26)!  This threshing floor, of course, ultimately became the altar for Solomon’s Temple and is the Temple Mount today.


The enemy has sought to bring a counterfeit FIRE to the Altar of the Nation, but God is bringing HIS HOLY FIRE!  Fresh Pentecost fire!  This HOLY FIRE will consume all the ungodly altars and ungodly fires connected to these riots and violence.  May the fire on the altar never go out!


Minnesota:  Mirror of Mt. Zion/Covenant Alignment with Israel


Minnesota is a mirror of Mt. Zion,and right now amidst the riots, it’s a key time for us to completely align as a state (and nation) with Israel.  To pray that her land will not be divided so that we won’t be divided as a nation.  It’s a crucial time to put God in remembrance that Minnesota is a COVENANT state that loves and blesses Israel! To invoke the blessings of Genesis 12:2-3.


This Mt. Zion dimension of Minnesota means that it is a place of worship and government.  An altar and a COURT ROOM.  We carry this Courts of Heaven dimension deeply and it’s key for us to continue to have Courts of Heaven intercession/assignments in this hour.  Again, this connects to that “third branch” of the ekklesia that God is bringing forth in this hour of His JUSTICE flowing as a mighty river, like a Niagara Falls (Amos 5:24)!  It’s a time for us now to “turn back the battle at the gates” (Isaiah 28:5-6) even as we have been prophesied, as a STATE, to be the North Gate of the nation.  The Lion from Zion is roaring JUSTICE and we as His people are also releasing our ROAR and SOUND!


The Twin Cities have been called the King and Priest city.  The Twin Cities are a Melchizedek manifestation–as a city!  We can prophesy this over our city–the eternal order of Melchizedek!  I believe that God is releasing a new dimension of this Melchizedek expression (original intent for His kingdom of priests) in His ekklesia world-wide in this hour.


Key for This Hour: Book of Ruth/One New Man


As we look at the Book of Ruth, which is very central to Shavuot, we can see the love story of Ruth and Boaz.  We can also see a beautiful picture of Israel (Naomi) and Ruth (Gentile Church) with destinies intertwined–in their kinsman redeemer of Boaz (Yeshua).


God really highlighted the Book of Ruth and the one new man for right now.


Naomi and Ruth are a picture of the one new man that is even represented by the two loaves (baked with leaven, like the leaven of the kingdom!) at Shavuot.  Additionally, Naomi and Ruth both laid down their lives in sacrificial love for each other and both found redemption in Boaz.  God is bringing forth, even in the chaos and shaking, a new expression of this sacrificial love and a one new man and unity in this hour–not only between Jew and Gentile but within the Gentiles.


Boaz not only redeems the LAND but his BRIDE.  It’s about the sandal/inheritance covenant,which is connected to land.  I believe this covenant is a key for us in this hour–regarding staking the boundaries of our LANDthat is our inheritance.  The First Nations are the keyholders and gatekeepers of our land, they are always key!


In the Book of Ruth, we see a dramatic point in the account when Naomi instructed Ruth to go to the Threshing Floor to meet Boaz.  She obeyed Naomi and went and lay at Boaz’s feet–taking the posture of a servant.  Boaz turned at midnight (sounds like Jon Hamill’s word about a midnight turnaround!) and saw Ruth.  His garment was spread over her to take her as his wife and place his authority and covering over her.  Before the Lord brought me to the Book of Ruth, He had highlighted Luke 3:16-17 to me in which John the Baptist is speaking of Yeshua as a Kinsman Redeemer–at the threshing floor, just like Boaz.  Plus, John the Baptist is prophesying the coming Pentecost!


“But John made it clear by telling them, ‘There is one coming who is mightier than I. He is supreme.  In fact, I’m not worthy of even being his slave.  I can only baptize you in this river, but he will baptize you into the Spirit of holiness and into his raging fire.  He has in his hands a winnowing fork to clean up his threshing floor![p] He will separate the wheat from the chaff. The wheat he will gather into his barn, but he will burn the chaff in a fire that no one can ever put out!'” (John 3:16-17).


I believe this Scripture is a key passage for where we are RIGHT NOW at Shavuot/Pentecost in Minnesota, the Threshing Floor and the Altar of the Nation.  As well as the rest of the nation.


Our Kinsman Redeemer, Yeshua, is at the Threshing Floor/Altar (even within our individual hearts) to separate.  He’s also here toredeem the land and the Bride in a new way, and place His covering over us, in a new way.  He’s gathering the wheat of harvest into the barn because it’s HARVEST time, and He’s burning the chaff!


Thethreshing floor is also a place of intimacy and it’s very clear that this is a set apart time for the Bride to lay at his feet in humility and devotion, and “come away with her Beloved” to draw near to Him.


Fullness of the Gentiles/Israel’s Harvest/Global Harvest


God recently spoke to me in Isaiah 60:5:  “Then you will understand and be radiant.  Your heart will be thrilled and swell with joy.  The fullness of the sea will flow to you, and the wealth of the nations will be transferred to you”.  I saw the Passion Translation footnote that this can also mean “As you understand, you will flow together”.  I was gripped by this in relation to true unity that God is seeking in this hour.  As the Lord gives us “understanding” of Himself and His ways according to Isaiah 11:1-2 for these immensely complex issues we face in America, we can also seek to truly understand and honor each other as tribes, tongues and nations, we will FLOW TOGETHER.


As I read more of the passage, I thought of the sea representing humanity, and the “fullness of the sea”.  I began to think of this Scripture referring to the “fullness of the Gentiles” coming forth according to Romans 11:25.  Astonishingly, as I looked at the rest of the footnotes, I saw that Romans 11:25 was referenced!  Once again, in this Hebraic year of 10, meaning “complete”, the “fullness” of the sons and daughters of God is coming to a greater maturityso that the “fullness of the Gentiles” can manifest–which of course activates HARVEST in God’s covenant people and land, the Jewish people and Israel!  [Which activates world-wide harvest!]


Finally, in this powerful account of Ruth and Naomi coming together as “one new man”, and Boaz bringing redemption to both of then, we see a picture of how the threshing floor can become an altar–covenant love of “chesed”.  God’s unfailing mercy and kindness and faithfulness to His people.  And that mercy flowed generationally as the great-grandson of Ruth and Boaz was King David!


May we continue to establish our individual, family, church, city, state and nation altars in this chesed love and worship of our Savior and cry out for MERCY!  AS ONE.  God is answering our cries in profound ways and I believe that God is taking what the enemy is intending to spread like wildfire, to spread the holy fire of love, His fiery river of justice and life (Daniel 7; Ezekiel 47).  He has come as our Kinsman-Redeemer to the threshing floor and altar to bring redemption to our nation and to bring in the HARVEST!


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