Jim & Faith Chosa / August 1, 2008 / I35 Bridge Collapse

I35 Bridge Collapse



August 1, 2008
Jim & Faith Chosa

Jim & Faith Chosa

Jim asked Faith to share what the Lord gave her at the bridge (I-35 bridge that collapsed).

Faith: when at the bridge I saw the bridge as it was inverted—fallen in on both sides.

America! America! Minnesota! and the territory here—you have become inverted. You have been looking on the inside of yourself and you have gotten f-a-t. You have clipped your own wings and you’ve gotten fat. “What is in this for me?”  Greed. Idolatry. And you have turned, the Lord would say, that you have turned from Me and have broken covenant with Your God.

Faith: O forgive us Lord, forgive us.

America! America! Minnesota! You will live. You will breathe the breath of God. God is going to bring and all of this has been taking place, little by little, I saw it. The original plan of God, we spoke about it here, God is taking us back to restore us to His original plan. We see You right now Lord and we have felt You. Father we even smell like you, Your Presence is so wonderful. The Blood of the Lamb is washing and bathing us right now. Our hearts will be healed with a new heart—the heart of God. God is restoring; He is redeeming; He is reconciling us to His Purpose once again.

America! Minnesota!

Come out from your sleep! You have been euthanized and have become useless and you have become fat with self ego. Get up! Mount up! Mount up! Come on, let’s ride into this magnificent war that we’re in as worshipers and lovers of our King Warrior Jesus.

Faith “It has all taken place and it’s wonderful! Amen. (She was seeing this word manifest like Jim has been preaching!)

Jim: So on behalf of America from the root people to the __(Sioux?)__people  what should our response be? Intercessors, do you understand that part of the plan of God is that out of intercession we would become His legislative Ekklesia? So as legislators of the kingdom of God how do you rule? How do you rule on behalf of America that you now represent before the throne of God?  In response to the call “America! America! come out of your sleep?” How do we respond as the Ekklesia of Heaven before the throne of God? How do you want to respond? Will you say “YES? On behalf of America.” We say “YES, we awaken from our sleep as American citizens empowered with the authority as citizens of heaven. We awaken in Your sight. We step out of the power of being euthanized and useless in the earth realm. You see when a word comes there must be a response.

This is what He is trying to set up here. The intercessors literally understanding  they can legislate heaven in the earth realm. A legislative Ekklesia and they function under the common law of God.

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