Barbara Yoder / January 2007 / Starting the Year Off Right Conference

“Mini-soda – Minnesota”

Starting the Year Off Right Conference  


January, 2007
Barbara Yoder

Barbara Yoder

Mini-soda  – there’s not much fizz to Minnesota

The Lord says I am going to begin to break forth in Duluth

That you’ve seen it one way – but I am going to burn with a revival fire in Duluth

The Lord says I am going to release fire in Bemidji

And I am going to visit Itasca – the Headwaters of the Mississippi

And the Lord said it shall come from the North down

It shall come from the North over to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Lift up your head oh you gates – gather the prophets

For there shall come a new prophetic wind that the apostles can take and run with

The Lord said I will break the agreement of the Nordic Gods from Scandinavia with the ancient Egyptian thing

They have come into agreement over Minnesota and that is why that Islam thing could get into Congress

So the Lord says open your eyes and see what is behind

God is allowing the spirit of a foreign nation to rise up to open our eyes so that we can go to war

Do not fear the foreign nations being awake in the spirit and the foreign nations antithetic to God

It is for the purposes of God

Read your old testament

God is about ready to literally break structures

Watch Itasca for a backlash

Go there and break the power of Leviathan to strike back

For the tail of leviathan is there

Call to the Wall