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Major Earthquake


June 2011
Bob Jones

Bob Jones

Several years ago the Lord had given Bob a vision of a major earthquake in Japan and He said that when that one occurred America would have 6 months to pray because things were going to happen.   When the March earthquake hit Japan, he knew that this was the one that the Lord had told him about.  God said the church is about to enter into a time of deep repentance.  There is a shaking coming, some areas of the US will be hit very hard, but if we pray, the devastation will be lessened.  God is saying, it is a time to walk in obedience like never before.  Bob kept saying, I see Sept. 11th as a very significant date.  We need to draw close to the Lord and He will tell us what we need to do when the time comes.  Pray, Pray, Pray.  It is time to intercede for mercy and minimal deaths. Pray 2 Chron. 7:14.  God said, if you like the current weather patterns then don’t pray.  But if you want to see them change then ask Me to change them.  Bob said, “I see hunger in a strange way, not that there is a shortage of food, but a difficulty in getting that food to where it needs to go.”  You need to train the people in emergency response and the youth will lead the way.

On a lighter note he said, there is and army of God being formed, one that will not break rank.  They will hear the commands of the Lord and move accordingly.  There is a major youth movement coming.  The message of evangelism is going to get louder and more clear.  God told him years ago that he would live to see the Greatest Show On Earth, that he would live to see a billion souls saved.  God said, that the current church is not big enough to hold the harvest that is coming in.  This will begin in 2012 and be in full swing by 2018.  Stadiums will not even be big enough, they will have to meet in open fields.  He quoted Amos 9:13, that says, this harvest will never end!  God said, I will have My “Woodstocks”, there will be day and night prayer, praise and prophecy.  People will be walking the streets not knowing what to do, but believers will have the answer.  He said over and over again, that it is the youth that will be leading this move, that they are rising up like never before.

God says, it is a time to honor the Father, a time to do signs, wonders and miracles.  We are entering a time of creative miracles.  The next move of God will release divine health.  The Redeemed need to start acting like they are redeemed and start “saying so.”  A time of unity like we have never known is coming.  The tabernacle of David will be restored.   God said, Revelation is a love letter to the bride and how I will take out the enemy.  God told him in 2006 when he was here that what you’ve longed for for decades is now coming to pass.  God told him that we will see John 17 fufilled during this time. (We will be one as the Father and the Son are one!)  God said, All that I have said, I will do!  God told him that he would see the return of the glory that will never depart.  When you see it, you will be ruined, you will never want to leave.  When you enter places demons and darkness will flee because they can’t stand the light of His glory.  

God said to him that St. Paul is God’s favored city.  He called it a city of righteousness and justice.

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