Chuck Pierce & Ann Tate / May 2011 / Understanding the Angelic Highway

Understanding the Angelic Highway


May 2011
Chuck Pierce, Ann Tate

chuck pierceAnne Tate“I have a holy array but you are used to one type of cadence and I have another type of cadence.

When you come into this order that I am bringing into the earth now, you will move in a way that the military of the earth does not understand.

You’ll move in a way that nations have to come into alignment.  You’ll move in a way that causes hidden supply to rise to the surface.  You’ll move your feet with a different beat and in that movement I will create new highways.”

Anne Tate continued:    We are moving into a time when there is a new river of timing as we move to the now time. In generations past we have moved according to what the Church has said, but this is a time when you will apprehend the now moment and begin to move in that.

The angelic highway is connected to the now moment. As you do that you intersect with the angelic on your way. Other nations will look and say, ‘What is it they know? What are they predicting? As they are moving, how are they moving in such an array with everything flowing?’

The Lord says, “This is a river of time I am sending!”

We want to see the angelic highway established so that Heaven and Earth can connect in a way to establish the Lord’s plans.

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