Chuck Pierce / September 16-18, 2004 / Threshing Floor Conference

Threshing Floor Conference: Sept. 16-18, 2004

Friday evening, Sept. 17, 2004 – Chuck Pierce 

(exhortation on sounding the Shofar)

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Blowing the shofar is just not blowing a trumpet. Blowing the shofar actually penetrates down into your soulish nature and restores. The sound actually goes down into your soulish nature, restoring you, so you can move into the next year in a whole new way. So when Tom begins to blow this, I’m going to ask him to blow it seven times. There are seven dimensions that happen through the blowing of the shofar. And because we are starting the year off here, I usually do this at my own church, but because we are starting the year off here and you’ve gathered here, you need to receive what this particular season represents and you need to receive it down deep into your soul and walk in it all year.  The blowing of the shofar at this time of the year, actually the sound, will resonate and be stored in you. It will unlock your will. It will make you whole. The sound itself, the anointed sound, will begin to liberate you into a dimension of blessings so that you can grab a hold fully of what God has for you this year. Some of you have lost much over the past year. The blowing of the shofar at the beginning of the year, starts a new cycle. Some of you have been very prosperous in the past year, but the blowing of the shofar begins to unlock the next dimension of prosperity for you. So allow the sound to go down deep within you, at the beginning of 5765 in the Hebraic calendar. And embrace all this year brings from Minnesota and let it, and we are going to then declare certain things will flow down the river from Minnesota and spread out across this land.

  • Blowing of Shofar – Ask God to unlock your will so you can make some new choices in the coming year.    Something that has been resisting in you, ask God to begin to unlock it.
  • Blowing of Shofar – Now ask God to liberate your emotions in a way they have never been liberated before and what has been death to you in the past year, ask God to start unlocking life again.
  • Blowing of Shofar – Now ask the Lord to begin to sanctify you. Ask His fire and His sound to begin to unlock, go down deep within you, sanctifying parts so no besetting sin will trap you in the coming year.
  • Blowing of Shofar – Ask Him to penetrate you with the new order, with new wisdom, so that where you’ve not quite been in step in the past, you will begin to be in step throughout the entire year. Ask God to set that order upon you.
  • Blowing of Shofar – Ask God to loose a super abundance of grace so that you can begin to move forward, past what has tried to stop you and move into supernatural abundant demonstration of grace in your life.
  • Blowing of Shofar – Now ask Him to tear down resistant forces in your mind that would resist change for this coming year, for this year brings many changes to you and you need to ask God, just tell Him right now, You’re the same yesterday, today and forever. I will change as You instruct me.
  • Blowing of Shofar – Now let the shout of restoration rise up within you and just cry, Restore, Cry, restore. Cry, restore.

* * * * *

THREE THINGS I want you to experience at the Beginning of the Year – Rosh Hashanah.

  1. First you want to experience the sound that God has for you. You want to hear what the trumpet is saying to us. So you always want to get the prophetic perspective so that you walk right throughout the year.
  2.  The second thing . .  to repent. Everybody say repent. God wants the right sound and prophetic message to go out to this nation this year. And He wants a flow of repentance to flood this nation this year. Well, I just feel like He’s trying to start here in Minnesota. With you. And so you are going to be the first fruits because this is actually a first fruit time here for us to enjoy.
  3.  The third thing you want to grab hold of is joy. Say, I need it. Because what you’re going to have to do, see they all three work together. Prophetic revelation causes you to repent and repentance bring you into a new dimension of joy. Alright. Joy does what? Joy releases strength for the whole year ahead. And so, we want to loose that from the headwaters of the river here, so that we can see that move throughout this entire nation.

* * * * *

Two things God has been saying this year

  • There’s victory in our stillness.  (t’s a very very important prayer focus for us.)
  • the river is changing courses.

That means that you, as a state, will change course first. Now that is important.

So as we embrace a new dimension of thinking, we change course.


So what the Lord says to us, as we get still and as the river changes courses,

He says to us, ready yourself for the next war ahead. In other words,

put the last war behind you so you can get ready for the next war ahead.


You need to bring to end during this month that began on Wednesday night at sundown;

you need to bring to end certain things that will rob you of your victory in the next four years.

You want to be sure that they are brought to end and yet that doesn’t mean they just vanish and go away.


* * * * *

VISITATION: The Lord visited me on December 23rd (2003)

He showed me these structures of doors up in the heavens.

He showed me doors we needed to shut.

He showed me doors, the second set of doors were doors that would be forming for our life in the future, forming for our life right now, that we would need to see. Things that we would go through transition over in our lives.

The third set of doors He showed me were doors we would need to cross through with great enemies behind them. He said many of His people wouldn’t make it through that set of doors. That enemies would try to over take them, would try to encompass them, would try to take them down during that season and many wouldn’t make it through that season. They would just back off and say it was easier not to press forward or Lord, I don’t want to go forward. I’m not willing to war on in the next season.

But the fourth set of doors that He showed me that would be before us starting in the month of September were the doors for our future. And so He began to show me all of these doors that were lining before us, standing before us.

They were doors that would open us into the future so we would understand how to move forward. And he showed me the month of September and He said this would be our transition month on how we moved into the future.

* * * * *

Three anointings that God is loosing . . .

  • I’m releasing an anointing that gives them victory over death.
  • an anointing over demonic forces that would try to stop you in the future. . . .

He said, I’m going  to give you authority. I’m going to anoint you now so that you break the yoke of those demon forces.

  • I want to anoint you with an anointing for increase.    An anointing for harvest so you begin to fill My storehouse.

* * * * *

The north wind awakens. It’s one of its roles.

Every wind, biblically, has certain prophetic functions in the word of God.

The north wind awakens. Minnesota get ready for an awakening.

Get ready for the spirit of slumber to be blown off of this state.

Get ready for the wind to come on this state over these next 6 months that will cause the state to come out of slumber and wake up.

And so these northern states are the states that the north wind is going to blow and they are where the awakening will begin.

* * * * *

God is ready to do a new thing, there’s seven things you want to start looking for.

  • Number one, when He says, “I’m doing a new thing,” He begins to create new relationships. In Minnesota, you need to look for them in your life
  • The second thing is He begins to do new acts. . . when He is ready to do a new thing, He does new acts to demonstrate who He is to the people.
  • The third thing that God does is He creates a new identity. Now you’ve been called the Threshing Floor State. The identity of that is going to come upon you. It will not just be something that you say you are. You will begin to see Minnesota becoming the threshing floor state.
  • The fourth thing that becomes important when He’s doing a new thing, is He begins to bring forth new weapons of war in His people.
  • The fifth thing He does that is new and this is something we all have to ask the Lord for is, He gives us new favor.
  • The sixth thing is He gives you new authority. Where you did not have the authority to overcome certain things in the past, you now will have the authority to move forward.
  • And then finally (seventh), He gives you a new anointing

* * * * *

The year 5765.  Actually it means there will be a release of supernatural love. In the midst of the 4th year of war, a release of supernatural love. Love that you can’t understand.   And what that is going to do, it’s going to unlock the compassion of God in us and then His healing virtues are going to start to flow. Minnesota get ready, the healing virtue of God will flow out of this state.

* * * * *

This is also a year of commandments. That means God is going to start restructuring our boundaries and take us back to the law that is in the Ark of the Covenant of God. And He says, I want you to go back to places where the law has been changed in your state illegally. There will be distinct places where the law has been shifted by the enemy. This year I will give you the authority to reverse that.

* * * * *

This is a year there will be teaching that penetrates into stronghold religious structures in regions and there will be such demon manifestation that God will send in His troops to bring deliverance into the religiously bound camp.

* * * * *

Minnesota will be responsible for modeling much to us this year based upon what God is doing. God’s going to move on these two cities here. It’s major.

* * * * *

The Lord says, I’m going to have such a watchmen network raised up in My nation, it will circle the enemy’s camp. I’m going to have you surround that strong resistance that’s been in your life and family over the past generations. This is the year to surround the strong resistance that thing that seems invincible. This is your year to surround it. That means some of you must get some help.

Pastors, revitalize and awaken your prayer network in a new way. Have prayer assignments over every force in your church. Find your place in that assignment individually. You need to have seven people praying for you for 21 straight days to break an assignment of hell that’s set against you.

* * * * *

And then in this state, we want to be sure this state is surrounded and you have three worship gatherings this year.

* * * * *

So this will be a year that God comes to Minnesota. This will be a year. Also it means, let me say this before I forget. It means, when we’re talking about the Jericho surrounding it it also means when you establish this wall around you and surround there will be a fire that surrounds you in your midst. God will supernaturally set a grass roots fire movement in this state that begins to sweep this state and converts many. Now hear me.

* * * * *

Now you here in the North, the wind is going to blow, the river is going to change course. The sound is going to rise up. God is going to set a strategy of surrounding this state. And He will move in this state with the sound of His voice on the waters because that’s where the sound of the voice of the Lord goes. He will move in this state with great repentance and change of mind, which we’ll deal with in the morning. He will move in this state with joy that produces a sound that literally floods this nation. Minnesota, get ready to change. God’s eye is upon you and the angels have already entered into this particular boundary.

* * * * *

Also I want to say to you, get ready for the spring thaw. It’s going to be a lot of water up in this area. It’s going to be a lot of release coming. It’s a sign of how the nation is going to be flooded from what we’ve just released here today.

* * * * *

Now just lift your hands as he does this. This sound will resonate in you throughout the entire year and unlock this revelation. Blowing of shofar. Now, that is the sound. You could hear it. Sound always can be.. it’s like tongues. It can be prophesied or interpreted. That says, I’m going to go down deep within you. I’m going to begin to deal with some hidden things that is within you. I’m going to start unlocking the deep treasures within you. And the sorrows and that shroud of sorrow that is over you, I’m going to pull it off so you can once again climb up into a place of victory.

Blowing of shofar. And I would say to you, this will be known as the breaking of the dawn in Minnesota. I would say to you, I will not only say this will break open the dawn and the day here, but I say, I will flow upon the waters at the break of day and that which is breaking in this land will flow down across this nation. I say, I am putting a sound in you for the breaking of a new day. Watch for the breaking of your new day and break forth with Me, saith the Lord. I say break forth to the right. Break forth to the left. Break forth to the back and break forth to the front. For I am going to enlarge the storehouse here in Minnesota and that which I enlarge and bring in I will cause My Kingdom to open up and I will cause it to be heard that in these Twin Cities the double portion anointing has arisen and I am beginning to move. Now let’s just give a shout up into heaven.

* * * * *

Saturday morning, Sept 18

Chuck Pierce

Now, I’m saying that because this is a season where you have to start letting go of things you have not let go of if you want to move into the fullness of your future. And so you have to allow the Holy Spirit to work with you in a peculiar way to begin to liberate you. You have to let Him bring you revelation.

Now what does revelation do?

Let me give you three things.

  • First of all, God is going to tell you who He is in your situation.
  • The second thing He does, He begins to move you into a prophetic dynamic where He starts telling you what He has planned
  • The third thing, then He tells you how you’re going to be a part of that plan that He shows you for the future.

And so it’s very important that we understand this because it’s almost like here in Minnesota you’re starting off with a fresh slate. You’ve pressed up to this time. God is ready to move you forward into a whole new dimension. He’s ready to double you and quadruple you. Set that watchman anointing all around the state. And so you must get ready to move.

* * * * *

Let me prophesy. God says, I’m going to start raising up healing houses all over this state. And I would say to you that at noon you will see My gift of healing released and I’m going to start bringing people in. They’re going to start getting healed. They’ll come here for medical analysis and my Spirit will heal them saith the Lord. I’m changing things now.

* * * * *

JOY!  . . .

Now that is very important because the moment because of injustice, when we lose the joy of the Lord in a territory, the land grieves. See that’s what injustice does in a territory. When you violate God’s covenant plan, the land is going to start grieving and when the land grieves, you cannot bring forth it’s harvest. Alright? And so what you’re seeing happen here is God break grief off the land here. That’s very very important

Now, joy is where you are rejoicing over God’s righteousness. Write that down.

  • You are righteous in the midst of your sorrow.
  • You’re rejoicing over God’s salvation.
  • You’re rejoicing over God’s mercy.
  • You’re rejoicing over His word.
  • You’re rejoicing over His creation.

That’s what links us to the land. Most of all in the midst of your situation,

  • You’re rejoicing over His faithfulness.

Never forget His faithfulness. Even in our wrong cycles that we get into in the earth realm, God remains faithful. God’s faithfulness is not dependent upon your expression of faith. But your expression of faith causes you to express the agreement that you have with His faithfulness. Does that make sense to you? So that’s why, in the midst of sorrow, He expects us to express His faithfulness.

Now here are some nouns that represent synonyms of joy in the word of God that we don’t usually connect.

  • First of all it means to spring forth. You will spring forth again out of your sorrow.
  • It means to exalt. In your lowliness, if you will continue to exalt Him, He will raise you up again.
  • It means to leap forth. Now, in the natural, we are in a leap year in the Roman calendar. It is a year to leap through door out of your sorrow into your future.

Now tell someone, “get your leaping shoes on”.

* * * * *


Chuck Prophesies through Isaiah 60


That’s what Isaiah 60 is about. The expectation of God. Expect Me to move for you.

  • Watch for Me to move in this region. Expect me to change things.

And then He says here, He says, even though deep darkness is over the rest of the people I will arise over you.

  • I will come in here and rise in this state even though other states are resisting what I want to do.
  • Now I’m telling you, there has to be a major shift visibly in Minnesota concerning the covenant of God. There has to be a visible, it needs to be heard in the news. It needs to be seen in the expression of the people that says, Lord we want you to rise up over us. We want to agree with righteousness in this state. We want You to come in in a way this is our window of opportunity.

Then He says, I will cause the Gentiles to come here.

  • I will cause people from all over to come in here to what I am doing in this area by expressing My glory. We’ve had Toronto. We’ve had Brownsville. We’ve had Smithton. We’ve had moves of God. Why not Minnesota? Why not?

It’s just some way I know it’s here. It’s on you. It’s in you. It’s breaking forth. And then it says.

Lift up your eyes all around and see. They all gathered together. They come to You. Your sons shall come from afar.

  • I’m telling you, God will start restoring relationships, apostolic prophetic relationships, fathering relationships, family relationships. All of a sudden this state becomes a major boundary for restoration. You’ve got one of the best airports in America. There’s a lot of bad ones. Trust me.
  • Then He says this, He says to you, those who shall see and become and then you shall see and become radiant. Let’s say it one more time. Look at somebody and say, “it is time to light up up here.” Because your heart, now hear me, I want to add something to this. Because your heart will begin to swell with joy. Now the heart is interchangeable with the spirit and with the mind. That means, in Minnesota, you will start thinking in a way you’ve never thought before. That means that you’re spirit will no longer be grieving, but your spirit will be expressing the very power of the Holy Spirit. It means the fragmentation of the past. Now hear me. It means the fragmented soul of this state, God will put it back together now.


  • Then it says one more thing. Then the wealth of the Gentiles will come to you. The abundance of the sea shall be turned to you. The multitude of camels shall come to your land. The dromedaries of Midian and Ephah. I will do something in the midst of what has been known as a cold waste land. I will do something in the midst of your desert. I will show up with camels with big time supply.

I will recreate your thought processes so new companies will arise in the area.

I will start doing new things in you so supply breaks forth from this region.

God says to you rejoice.

  • Expect Me to come.
  • Expect Me to realign the generations in this state.
  • Expect me to create a new model in your life.
  • Expect Me to cause your sons and daughters to come home and start prophesying.
  • Expect Me to move in new ways.

Because you have started this year off right.

Because you have moved forward into the express of My wineskin for now.

  • Expect Me to restore your joy in the midst of your past sorrows and expect your light to spring forth speedily.

Now Father, we just receive. Father, we thank You. You just need to grab someone’s hand and say “I want all of this. I want all of this here in Minnesota. This is what we want to flood down the river.

We say the river will change its course beginning in Minnesota. The river will spring forth with life and all the sorrows that float in it will start changing for a season. Because Minnesota is raising a standard. And the standard of God will be seen in Minnesota.” Now just give a shout of victory.

* * * * *


Saturday afternoon, Sept 18, 2004

Chuck Pierce


Now I’m going to ask Tom to come and I want you to extend your hand to this offering. This is a different offering. Some of you might never have done this before at this time of the year. And you know it is really special. It’s a special offering. And we’re going to blow the trumpet over this offering and it will become a memorial to you from now on in this state and of course now it’s going to go all the way. Tom and you, Rabbi Ed, come, and if you would blow this, it will become a memorial. It’s going into the building of the Messianic movement in this state. It’s going to go all the way into El Salvador. This thing is about to multiple right before our eyes. Let’s blow the sound. The Trumpet. You go first and then Tom. Double portion.


* * * * *

Let me show you what I can do in your business because I want to make you a fisher of men and you are going to harvest the whole region. But if you don’t shift your mind right now in the place you are in your business you’ll never see what I want to do in Minnesota. You’ll never see how I’m going to flow down the Mississippi all the way down touching Louisiana. I mean God is just going to move all over Louisiana. Touching down through every place this river begins to go both east and west.

God is going to move on St. Cloud, Minnesota. He’s going to come back there. It’s going to be almost like you’re in, I saw it by the Spirit once. It’s going to almost be like all of a sudden you’re caught up in a different dimension and you’re saying Lord is this a dream what you’re doing in this city. He’s going to do things to make you know He can save that grandkid that’s going in the wrong direction. He’s going to do things in the midst of your losses that He shows you how He can multiply what you lost a hundred or a thousand times. He can give you a ministry out of your loss. But He says, You’ve got to think differently with Me.


Now I want to end by saying this. There’s a sound in Minnesota that is coming forth. Seek God for the sound. Meet and let Him express the sound. Let Him bring people in that help you with the sound. The sound is here. There’s a trumpet coming forth in Minnesota. There is joy springing forth in Minnesota. And there’s a shift in the thought processes coming forth in the church in Minnesota. Shift with the change and this threshing floor will have plenty on it that you have brought in that will be able to bring great supply in the future. God has called you the threshing floor. Now He causing the river to shift. The river is changing in the body of Christ. The river starts here. Let the changes come in your life wherever you are in the midst of your sorrow, in the midst of your need. In the midst of your lack of unity, let the changes come and you will see that you are leading the way in harvest.

Let’s stand up and pray. Father, I thank you so much. Lord, you know I have faith. I just have faith for this territory. I have faith because of the expression that is going on in the territory. Lord, I thank You for what you are doing. Lord, I thank you that individuals will be finding themselves in new places. Lord, I thank you that you will be liberating individuals. Lord, I thank you that you will be releasing supply in new ways. I want to thank you for what You are doing in this Threshing Floor State as a model for harvest in days ahead. Lord we say you are welcome in the boat called Minnesota. And we say, Lord, that there will be people falling on their face because of Your goodness in this state. Now Lord, we say let it begin. Let the healing flow from the river. Let the repentance flow in the river. Let the joy flow in the river. Father, we say let the harvest flow down the river. Father, we say let the sound flow down the river. The sound comes on the waters. Father, we say let the river change in Minnesota. Now let’s just thank God for what He is doing.



CINDY JACOBS – in Elk River

I call Minnesota the Revival State; I have not said this of any other state in the nation.





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