Chuck Pierce / July 18, 2008 / Awake Conference

Awaken Conference



Friday July 18, 2008
Chuck Pierce

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As I was flying into Minneapolis the Lord said two things to me.
One –  I want to release now and then I will release the other before Dutch speaks tonight!  And what he said to me was this – and it was for Minnesota specifically.

He said “Shall the throne of iniquity which devises evil by law – Psalms 94
They gathered together against the life of the righteous and condemn innocent blood.

But the Lord will be your defense, and my God, the rock, will be your refuge.
He has brought on them their own iniquity and shall cut them off in their own wickedness
And the Lord, our God, shall cut them off.

And the Spirit of God said to me – and specifically about the judges system in this state
He said, “Something is rising in this state that I must shift now!
For I say “now will be the time when I began to establish righteous judgments in this state.
And I would say at the rising of the river (Mississippi), the river that divides this land,

There would come a strategy into Minnesota that would be divisive to divide this land.  And I say to you that I am ready to shift that divisive plan that would work iniquity – and I am ready to put my blessing in your hands” saith the Lord.

I say that I will began to bless the hands of my righteous judges
I say do not judge based on what you see, or who is, or who isn’t
And do not fall into party systems for I say it is righteousness now, in this state,
that I will rise upon like the son, with healing in it’s wings,

And I say the unrighteous works that’s working in the justice system will now be seen,” saith the Lord.

Father, we thank you that a new wind is blowing of change
Father we ask you now to begin to do and shift keys in this state to those who will use them righteously.

Now Father as this (conch shell) is blown, we say now, the water of the river of this nation will begin to change, and righteousness will rise in this land and overthrow the iniquity of divisiveness that is working.


Chuck Pierce – July 18, 2008
Minnesota Awaken Conference – Friday evening

The thing that God spoke to me – the second word when I was flying in.  II Kings 8

I began to sense by the Spirit a hand gripping this state.

And this is what God showed me . . .

And knowing what has been prophesied over this state, and knowing that this is a time for God’s Threshing Floor State to come into the harvest realm, all of a sudden I saw a hand and the hand had a hold of the Threshing Floor.

And with that I felt that the hand had hold of what God was doing . . .

What the Lord was doing, in the whole harvest realm in our nation.

So one of the things that I feel that we are supposed to do here is to break a mindset and a grip that the enemy has tried to bring on this state concerning the economy.

And there is a mentality that has to broken, for the harvest of this nation, and for the glory to come into this nation….. and I can’t think of a better place to break it, other than on what is called, the Threshing Floor State.

Tell somebody “It’s time for the threshing floor to produce its’ harvest!”

So when I saw this grip I started asking the Lord “What is that spirit, what is that spirit.  

I told Dutch at the airport “Listen, there is a spirit here, that has to break, for the Glory of God to start moving on this state in a new way and for it to be heard that the glory of God is moving. There’s a resisting spirit and we need to see what that spirit is. And I said I can pick up on it and it has nothing to do with how ugly you’re being to me . . . cause Dutch is always saying something hard and bad about me.

It doesn’t have anything to do with you (Minnesotan’s) – there is a spirit in the air here that is resisting not only the move of God, but it is resisting an economic awakening and it is resisting a harvest release that needs to come.

Now I want us to stand up a minute because we want to get this.

And I feel like God has brought Pastor Dutch Sheets with an authority to address an opening to begin to occur so that things will start moving in a new way here.

So that the Spirit of God starts invading in a new way

I know Robert Henderson was with you this afternoon

I know that he was stirring up the Spirit and giving you faith for you to see how the Spirit of God is starting to move.

But there is some ruling force – and it’s like it’ a 5-fold pronged spirit that’s clamped down and put it’s fingernails in.

And God’s saying – it’s going to be pried loose while we’re here.

Now the issue in II King 7 & 8 is this, and I’m not going to preach it,

There was a famine in the midst of the land, and in the midst of this famine what happened was, the Syrians are fleeing in the famine and in the midst of it Syria, it’s in chapters 6 & 7, and Syria is besieging Samaria in the midst of the famine.

If we don’t watch it right now the enemies of hell will enter in during this time when you are hearing about so much economic shifting going on and the enemy will try to come in and convince you that they are trying to take over in the midst of this famine

I am here to decree, in Minnesota, and in this region there is a shifting going to begin in the economic realm.

I decree right now that the famine, and the words that are coming linked with famine, will not cause the gate of heaven to shut up over this state.

I decree that I will not prophetically come sit under a closed heaven that is trying to rule the economic Kingdom release that God has in this state.

Put your hands up to heaven and decree an opening in the gate of heaven for the glory of God to begin to come in.

Father we decree a shifting, a shifting!

The Lord told me very clearly that starting 7/15 it would get very dark economically – starting the 15th we were to start pressing in for the economy to make it shift and realign.

We say realign, a realigning of the economy.

We say here in Minnesota a harvest mentality that’s been captured in this state.

I command the grip over harvest to let go – In Jesus Name and by his shed blood.

Pray in the Spirit over this state

If you don’t pray in the Spirit than just begin to Praise God

Now right now, how poverty will work is,

Poverty will hit you with infirmity if it can’t take you out from stopping your finances

Decree right now that the handshake between between poverty and infirmity over this state is beginning to break.

Decree right now that infirmity will not hold the people of God in this state.

Decree that increase will start moving in the atmosphere.

Now Father we announce to the heavens right now that the change of a harvest wind is now going to flow through the Minnesota region

Lord, we decree that it will flow all the way down Hwy 35
We decree that it will flow all the way down the Mississippi River
We decree now that the heavens and the gates over this region will begin to open in a new way.

Blowing of the Shofar (Sue Ohmann) the awakening call

Drumming of the Native Drum (Darrell Auginash)

Now shout “Glory!!!”

Lord we decree the sound of heaven is entering the atmosphere now in Jesus Name
And the threshing floor is awakening for the future



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