Cindy Jacobs / July 2002 / North Heights / Minnesota the ‘Revival State’

Minnesota the Revival State

North Heights Lutheran Church



July 7, 2002
Cindy Jacobs

Cindy-Jacobs photo copyBut the Lord also spoke to me that the reason I am here is that there is a direct connection from New York to Minnesota. It has to do with media.  It has to do with business.  It has to do with the court system.

Gen 49:10 Scepter = Authority

Ps 60:7 Judah is my Law-giver Law-giver decree

We enforce his law. Apostolically. Last year when I was at the prophetic conference, I declared a shift in the governmentIt is happening, isn’t it?

We are beginning to see about the word of Minnesota being the revival state. Every time someone says something to me about Minnesota, I say, “the revival state.” I hope you call yourself that. If you meet somebody from another state you say, “Hello, I am from Minnesota, the revival state.” 

We are the state of visitation. We are the state where the Spirit of God in heaven is the King over the judicial system. There is a law-giving anointing. We get the Moses deliverance anointing. Satan has become the law-giver. They want to take religion out of Law.

Daniel 7:9

We are beginning to dethrone these principalities. Angel with crown and scepter and in US flag. Fire from the scepter. Minnesota justices’ case – They could dethrone their beliefs before elected. God is beginning to clean up the courts. He is starting here in Minnesota. All over the country they will study it.

A new page is turned in our judicial system. God is going to change the courts. Intercessors study Is 59.

God is going to put a governor in this state that is a law-giver.

Abortion is going to come down. God is going to do it.   Can you feel it? You must be a voice for the nation. The Lord says, “Put a trumpet to your mouth.” You must become political. Tell your children to go higher. There is a sleeping giant in this land. You are going to shift this nation. Satan is very afraid of Minnesota. Just terrorize him.

Love life not unto Death.  (Rev 12:11) Try to change laws.  (Dan 6:10)

Judgments on nations. How you take care of the poor. Goat nations – sheep nations. We have to study. Revival, sweep the nation. At the Call, I gave one of the most mind-boggling prophecies I have ever given. We have been asleep.

Dan 6:

??? If you are not doing anything controversial, then you aren’t doing anything. Where are God’s revolutionaries? I believe they are right there. Hamans will always rise up to bring laws. They are not God’s laws. Satan has changed the Laws and the dates and…We have to change them back.

Dan 6:10

Richard Wurmbrand – When they outlawed prayer in USA, why did you obey?  Acts 5:12-29       Religious Spirit


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