Cindy Jacobs / July 25, 2009 / Deborah Company / Hinge of History

Deborah Company Midwest Convocation – 

Bloomington, Minnesota


Saturday, July 25, 2009
Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs

Minnesota you are what I would call a ‘hinge of history’.   Now let me give you a definition about what a hinge of history is.   A ‘hinge of history’ is a strategic moment, when a door of opportunity opens  that releases the destiny of God for a generation.

I want to tell you, this weekend is a Hinge of History where the ball has been tossed from  Massachusetts to Minnesota to say it’s time to make a change.  

A ‘hinge of history’ is a strategic moment, when a door of opportunity opens that releases the destiny of God for a generation. This strategic moment causes an awakening to purpose and an awakening to destiny for whole cities, states and nations.

If you think of the analogy of a door and you think of the hinges of the door – the hinge of a door is what bears the weight for the opening.

That’s why you have to fast and pray.  You are called right now. God has chosen you.  God has purposed you to bear the weight for a nation.  To turn the tide. And God would not call you to do that if He didn’t know that you could.  He trusts you. Are you hearing me? God trusts you! Minnesota, and the region, I want to say if you are from Wisconsin and many other places, this is the most important season.  This past few weeks, I want to tell you, not only is this happening here, but next week I believe intercessors are going to drive 2,000 miles, beginning in California, all the way, ending in El Paso Texas, covering border city after border city with Pastors from Mexico to close the borders to terrorism.  To stop the kidnappings, the narcotic dealing, and everything that is coming over those borders.  We are going to shut the door.  

And so what I see in this state is that God is raising up people, that for whatever purpose, in education, government and the family, arts, media, whatever it is . . . God has given you an anointing to bear the weight of the door so that it can swing open.

And this is a great responsibility to be a hinge of history.

If you think about it – the greatest stress on a door is on those hinges – so it is very important to see that God is calling out what I would call to be the forerunner state – those that bear the weight for this door’s opening.

The Lord says, “Minnesota you are a state of Awakening and Reformation! Minnesota you are a state that is called to Awaken the rest of America.  I am giving you an anointing to be a voice crying in the wilderness – prepare the way of the Lord!”  

Prepare the way of the Lord, for a great Awakening!  Prepare the way of the Lord for a reformation!

And the Lord says, I’m going to bring my most anointed people here.  For I have called you and I have called you and I say that you are the “eye” of the Body of Christ.  I have given you a seer anointing to peer into the future.  This is who you are.  Wake Up to who you are.  God is raising up an army out of Minnesota.

Arthur Wallace says it like this – “Above the incessant noise of human activity we have heard the sound of marching that tells us God is on the move. God is on the move in Minnesota.

And it’s going to shift from here to Wisconsin. It’s going to travel to Idaho.  It’s going to shake in Iowa. God says it’s coming, get ready – things are going to shake.

Maybe you can’t see it yet but there is a great rumbling – there is an underground rumbling – there is a sound of shaking in the ground and God is getting ready to cause, to emerge, seemingly from nowhere, a greater army than was in the Jesus People movement.

God is raising up an army of those that are Jesus Freaks, that are passionate for the Lord Jesus Christ, and they’re going to awaken the nation.  Whoa!

God is getting ready to release power, and anointing and miracles through Minnesota like we have not seen in this generation.

Arthur Wallace says it like this – “when this happens it is God revealing himself to man in awful holiness, an irresistible power. It is such a manifest working of God that the human personalities are overshadowed, and human programs abandoned, it is man retiring into the background because God has taken the field. It the Lord making bear his holy arm and working in extraordinary power in Saint and Sinner alike.”

That’s why we are calling “Awake, Minnesota!”   “Wake up!”  “Wake up!” “Wake up!”

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