Cindy Jacobs / November 11, 2011 / Detroit, MI / America -Tipping Point

Word of the Lord for America and Israel – Detroit MI


November 11, 2011
Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs

For the Lord says the United States is fast approaching her “tipping point”. I am ready, says God, to reach out and balance but even if tremendous prayer is poured out, it will only steady the nation for a season unless there is a heart-felt turning back to the Lord.

The Lion of Judah is shaking His mane over the economy and the shaking of many systems of greed will be brought low.

The constriction of the financial structures will hit the poor but it is time for my people to understand that if they give to the poor they will not lack.

There are hidden plots being hatched on many levels that need to be uncovered. Plots of anarchy on various levels from minor to large. The Spirit of Anarchy will try and manifest to hold captive and terrorize the cities and this must be turned in prayer.

Terrorists are moving behind the scenes to hit more than one target out a time to strike terror into the hearts of people. However, one will put a thousand to flight and two, ten thousand!

I will expose and uncover those who plot together with unlikely partnerships if my people pray!

There are some nations who are saying they are at peace with the United States but it is only a ploy. Intercede for exposure of these alliances.

I am calling the world, says the Most High God, to stand with Israel against her enemies, for the plots planned for the U.S. involve the two nations.

The spirit of Babylon is even now being exposed and is roaring but I will unravel the structures supporting its economy.

Call to the Wall