Ed Watts/June 9, 2020/Word for Minneapolis

He’s Calling for a Priestly People to go to War

To War with an Unsheathed Sword of Light over Minneapolis


June 9, 2020
Ed Watts


Prophetic word released at Gateway Hope Center in Flint, Michigan by Ed Watts on June  9, 2020 during 10am – Noon prayer set. gatewayhopecenter.com

During our Justice in the Waters prophetic intercessory journey last summer (June 2019, from the headwaters of Mississippi River to the mouth in New Orleans), we had a worship gathering at a park (Indian Mounds Park) by the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. During that worship gathering the atmosphere was tuff, a dark resistance, stronger than any on our entire journey.  I felt such a strong oppression of darkness so I asked people from the region if there is Islam in the area. I keep getting the picture of the Burka (Islamic Head Covering for Women). They said “Yes, Minneapolis is a major hub of Islam”.

When I saw the riots break forth in Minneapolis I heard – we’re dealing with a clashing of swords (words – wisdoms – sounds) concerning the future of our nation.
The Lord gave me a word many years ago about 3 principalities contending for the future of our nation, And one of them is the Spirit of Islam.

there’s a Clashing taking place in that gate of Minneapolis – on that river – on those waters, the Father of waters, the Mississippi River – that’s what it is called. There’s a Sword of Islam trying to uproot our nation from it’s God given roots.

Father I thank you for fearless ones coming forth in Minneapolis — for an unsheathed sound, a genesis sound, a sound of dominion, a sword of dominion in Minneapolis. Father I thank you that during this 40 day season,  the Saints in the Minneapolis region are receiving a blueprint of Glory for the Tabernacle of Glory.

Thank you that their sound will never be the same again. Thank you for a plumb line being dropped in Minneapolis, for the plumb line of Heaven being dropped in that gate. Thank you that darkness will not prevail there. But just as Moses came down the Mountain with his face shining with glory, Father I thank you for a movement coming from your mountain with their faces shining with glory, with a blueprint pattern for the Menorah to be lit in that city, for a Tabernacle of Glory to be established. A people of glory, and a priesthood with an unsheathed sword with an unsheathed sound.

I say your sound is coming out the the sheathe Minneapolis. I say you’ve been in a sheathe season but your sound is coming out of the sheathe, it’s a sound of light. Even as that serpent has raised its head out of the waters in Minneapolis, I say Minneapolis Ekklesia you get to strike the head (head speaks of authority) of that devouring spirit with the sword of the LORD. The LORD is mantling you in that region and I see other regions that will join together to remove the head (authority) of that serpent.

So Father I thank you for the striking down of the spirit of Islam in that Minneapolis gate. And I say St. Paul, that spirit of religion that has camped in that that region. There is an unholy trio there. Father I thank you for dismantling the spirit of religion that’s married to Islam in that gate. Father I thank you for the Ekklesia coming forth. But there’s also special ops (like the military but prophetic intercessory type people) coming into Minneapolis. I call the special ops into Minneapolis to help you uproot that St. Paul spirit of religion that’s married with Islam and 1 other spirt in that gate. (ask the Lord for the revelation of the demonic 3 stranded cord alliance there)

I saw a key gathering (multiple) a summoning of the Kings and Priests. A holy convocation of the Ekklesia with the special op teams that will come in. The LORD will release blueprint strategies to win the battle in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Gate. THAT GATE becomes THE BATTLE GATE and the Battleground for our Nation RIGHT NOW! The only way you will defeat the enemy is with a sound, a Genesis Sound.

So Father I thank you for summoning an Ekklesia on the 17th of Tammuz (July 9th). It was on the 17th of Tammuz (2448 B.C.) that the sword of the priesthood was literally unsheathed (Exodus 32:26-28) and struck down the rebellion. Father I thank you for a sword of your priesthood being unsheathed that will go forth and strike down the rebellion and strike down the enemy. The enemy is not flesh and blood, but principalities, powers and wicked spirits in high places which will be struck down on the 17th of Tammuz by the unsheathed sword of light, by the unsheathed sound of dominion from the Minneapolis Gate.

Note of the significance of the 17th of Tammuz
The 17th of Tammuz was the day that Moses came down the Mountain with the 10 Commandment on 2 stone tablets and broke them because of the golden calf rebellion. The 17th of Tammuz is when Moses commanded the Priest to unsheathe their swords and go forth striking down the rebellion. This date falls on July 9, 2020 when we will be worshiping with you in Minneapolis

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