Maurice Sklar/Jan. 22, 2017/Endtime Army of God and the Seven Mountains

The Endtime Army of God and the Seven Mountains

I had a vision tonight.

I saw the Overcoming Church standing in full battle array with bright armor on…every one was clothed head to toe with the armor of God with swords and other weapons in their hands. Yeshua was on a white horse in front of this vast army of believers and had his sword unsheathed and lifted over His head.

Then He cried, “The time has come for you to take the seven mountains and to control them so that the final harvest can be reaped in the earth! Go forth and take dominion…Go forth and posses the land that has been promised to you, oh Mighty Warriors!”

Then the Herald Angels came up flying above and in front of the army, and 120 of them fanned out in in a giant arc in precise formation. They had long silver trumpets and they lifted them to their lips as they flew. I noticed that there were seven giant angels in the center of the arc that had long golden trumpets. They all blew them together. As they did, there was bursting forth out of the bells of the trumpets – lightning flashes – and there were huge thunderclaps as they blew three long blasts. The last one was the longest and it was nearly deafening as it sounded louder and louder.

Then I saw this mighty army start marching forward in precise formation. Not one of the millions we’re out of step. They divided into seven parts. In each of the seven divisions there were commanders of 10,000; commanders of 1,000; commanders of 100, and commanders of 10. I could see the leaders of each 10,000 in front of their divisions and by by their uniform and insignia, I could clearly see the other leaders as well in their different ranks. These were marching in the front line in the center of each smaller division. There seemed to be so many that I could not see the end of them. It stretched as far as my eyes could see. There was such precision as they all marched forward in formation. There was absolute silence and unity except for the sound of the marching legions in exact rhythmic footsteps. All the boots hit the ground at the same time – millions and millions of them! It was so awesome that I was overcome with wonder – I marveled at it greatly as each division moved as one Man – relentlessly forward with great solemnity and fierce resolve.

The angel next to me said, “This is the Conquering Bride going to war for the precious fruit of the earth. The Grand Finale has begun! The Glory of God shall now cover the earth as the waters cover the sea! All shall taste and see that the LORD is good and His Mercies endure forever!!”

Then I was suddenly in another place. I was looking above the army of the LORD high in the air – where the Heavenly Host were flying above the Saints in the same kind of ranks and military precision. There were more than could be counted. Multitudes and multitudes were flying above the saints as they marched into battle in perfect military formation.

As I looked ahead, there were seven huge mountains before us.

The army split up and and seven separate armies then marched steadily towards them. There was one ahead of the rest, and this army rapidly ascended the first mountain, until they climbed to the summit and put a big flag on the top of it. It had a Lion on this giant banner and it seemed to be on fire with white flames and lightning was shooting out of it in every direction. There were peals of thunder that seemed to shake the whole mountain. Finally, the original flag seemed to transform into the LORD Himself seated on a throne on top of this mountain in the form of a terrifying Lion.

Then I saw the name at the base of this mountain was “Political Power”. The angel said, “This mountain must be taken first, as it has begun in America, and then in the nations. For seven years the ungodly shall not be able to stop the government of God in the earth. I will stand up defend Israel and America as a sign to the whole world that the Most High is Sovereign in the earth!. Then the end shall come when My wrath shall be poured out upon the ungodly nations that refuse to repent.”

I trembled when the angel spoke this and fell on my face prostrate. After some time the angel that was helping me in the vision lifted me up and cried with a loud voice, “Behold!” My head seemed to clear and I got my strength back a little. Then as I seemed to zoom in closer on the Lion, I saw that he was now standing with His front right paw – it was huge – with great sharp claws – on top of a hideous looking demonic creature with shredded wings. It had a awful stench. It would change forms from a beautiful looking angel, into a hideous dragon-like reptilian creature, and then into a snake that writhed and slithered around in a frenzy. But, it could not escape the Lion of Judah Whose claws were tearing into the neck and head of that devil. Then the Lion roared so loudly that it shook me to my core!

That devil smelled so awful! It was gasping for breath and dying as the Lion was crushing its’ neck and head under His giant paw. It was screaming and shrieking in agony as it was perishing. I saw the name on its’ forehead was “Secular Humanism.” It had once been a beautiful being and had appeared to men as an angel of light, but now its’ true hideous form was being revealed. I don’t know why I knew that, but I just did, as I saw it.  That is when the vision ended, and I was back in my room.

I was told to write down what I saw and to share it with you, beloved brothers and sisters.

Maurice Sklar
January 22, 2017, at 12:48am


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