Jon & Jolene Hamill / March 18-19, 2016 / Glory Train Turnaround Tour / No King But Jesus!

Glory Train Turnaround Tour – St. Paul, MN

March 18 & 19, 2016
Jon & Jolene Hamill, Lamplighter Ministries



“There is a new sound coming from Mpls./ St Paul that is going to rock this nation with a deliverance anointing for the Lord.  

There is a new sound from a new movement that is coming forth from here.”

God comes in governmentally.  I saw a freight train coming through this Mpls. Area, with cars being added to it, and it was the governmental car—glory to God.  

Jill Austin prophesied that I would be holding a Continental Congress and I would be bringing revolution to the Nation.  I am feeling this anointing of revolution here tonight in Minnesota.  

Turn Around Tour Image

The glory is all about establishing God’s covenant.  Ezekiel was standing at the North gate at the Temple, and I believe this is the North Gate of the Temple of the Continental USA.  God brought Ezekiel in a vision to the North Gate and he saw an idol that provoked to jealousy and he said to his friend, “You see what they are doing?  This is the least of what they are doing—so I would be far from my own sanctuary.  Eze. 8:6 God shares his heart with his friend, “I want to dwell with my people, be with them, but because they have embraced idolatry and committing spiritual adultery, breaking my covenant, I have no choice but to vacate the premises.   In Eze 8 he sees the glory of God lifting from the temple because his people chose the idols of Babylon over  Him.  Maybe we are in a similar situation as a nation right now.  We’re making choices that are inherently anti-Christ.  Standing in His face and legislating immorality, calling the things that are evil—good, and good—evil.  Breaking our Covenant with the Lord.  

But I am so thrilled to come to the North Gate of the USA and instead of seeing an altar that provokes to jealousy I am seeing a people who love God more than they love the world and are coming out from among them and becoming separate—devoted to the Lord, yearning for the ministration of His glory.  In Eze 8 God showed Ezekiel the glory lifting from the temple and they were given over to their misguided choices.  They worshipped the gods of Babylon and were sent into exile into dominion of those Babylonian gods—as slaves.  

The Glory Coming – I WILL Restore

In Eze 43 God gives Ezekiel another vision and he sees the glory of God coming back in by way of the Gate facing East and filling the entire house.  The reason we went to 10,000 altars of historic idolatry, asking God for divorce from Baal and covenant with Jesus.  It’s because we wanted to see the glory of God coming in—restored to the land. And the  Lord said, “If you will do this, as forerunners, I will send my 3rd Great Awakening, I will restore.”  

We culminated this National project on July 4, 2011.  The name Baal means Slave Master.  We went to the Lincoln Memorial—where he stood up and said, “Let MY people go” I we stood up and said this is a change. We asked for God’s hand in marriage again—and restore our foundational covenants.  Then we asked God to confirm His Word. In 1996 Rick Ridings had seen a vision of a hard-shell of demonic resistance around Wash. DC.  He saw a NUT over Wash. DC.  He saw the Lord come and crack the nut and cracked that hard shell of demonic resistance.  We went there and said we wanted to be completely divorced from historic idolatry.  Give us a sign that you have restored—crack the nut, God!  Fifty days later (to the day) an unprecedented earthquake rocked Wash. DC.   Our seats of power in the White House, Capitol, Supreme Court shook.  Gargoyles toppled from the National Cathedral.  The Wash. Monument cracked in that earthquake.  (It’s an obelisk)  “Yes, I am coming back into covenant with you, according the foundations that dreamed a spark in the founders of this nation—I put that dream in their hearts and I am going to uphold that dream this hour.  Covenant with God restored….which opens up the gate for the glory of God to come again into our land.  

The Birth of the Glory Train

In 2014, the Lord told us to go on a prayer journey through the original 13 colonies—geographic East gate of our land and to beckon His glory to come.  A hurricane came (only one to hit Continental US that year) up the very path we were to follow.  On July 4, 2014 it came aground, at Kill-devil-hills, NC.  Glory of God knocking the devil off the mountain.  After that we were vacationing in Virginia and I saw train tracks being laid from Virginia Beach all across to San Diego, CA.  The Lord spoke, “The Glory Train.”  

As we began to pray, we saw the whole nation circled in prayer in 2016.  Giving Jesus a wedding band that this nation is consecrated to Christ alone.  He is restoring His glory from coast to coast.  Chuck Pierce had seen this train coming across the nation years earlier.  Dutch Sheets saw a bullet train going 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction, and as he watched he saw that train make a hairpin turn and it ran right back in the right direction.   Turn-around train.  Then Bob Jones had been given a vision in 1983 that would combine the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of the book of Acts.  The miracle in Acts begins with the restoration of God’s glory.  Exodus is all about God fighting a revolution against the gods of Egypt and the govt. of Egypt to bring an entire people out of bondage and into freedom.  The last prophetic word Jones gave was of a glory train.  The train was going to any city that wants it.  Do you want awakening and revival, the restoration of God’s glory Mpls/St Paul?  When you hear the sound of the train whistling, just say, “I am on that glory train.  This is my destiny.”  Entire cities are going to be won to the Lord. When the train comes to the town it will be God’s town.  

God spoke to us of a limited window for national turnaround, that if we will give ourselves to Him in this time period, He will tip the bowls of Heaven and pour out the move of the Holy Spirit that literally saves our land.  It’s a Revolution.  (Minnesota) You have this Revolution Anointing, it’s already in the ground.  It’s an anointing to save the nation, for turn around.  This train is bound for glory.  

Focus in on Governmental Dimension of God’s glory.  Isaiah:  “In the year King Uziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne….”  No king but King Jesus is worthy of this state.  His glory train filled the temple.  His temple filled with smoke—I believe that is the type of glory God is bringing into Mpls. MN.   It’s the kind of worship that gazes on the beauty of God and declares, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts.  These same burning ones prophesy the restoration of God’s glory into the earth and the gateposts shake at the voice of him who cries.  There’s a Breaker Anointing released and the temple is filled with smoke.  The presence of God’s glory.  Heaven comes literally to earth.  They are beauty room gazers and breakers.  For too long those who have been devoted to the beauty of Jesus have been completely separated from the societal breakers, but its time for these 2 to become one.  For the gazers to be infused with this governmental unction…and they prophesy, “Earth—receive the glory”  All of a sudden the Wash. Monument cracks in an earthquake and our Capital is filled with the smoke of God’s glory.  It can happen here.  I have been feeling a shaking in the land, in the ground and in the rivers.  I saw the vibration of the rivers.  God is coming in a way that shakes everything that can be shaken—filling the house with glory.   How many of you want this?   Governmental dimension of the glory of God.

Why was it that the throne of God was unveiled when King Uzziah died?    Isaiah was an intercessor for King Uzziah, even the shaking in your gov’t, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope—the one who you thought was going to bring you into the next phase of blessing is gone now.  The Heavens are opening and your true source of salvation is being unveiled.  2016—God is unveiling His unshakable throne.  You can’t make sense of the national politics—and if you rely on political salvation alone you’re going to be disappointed.  Thank God for men and women of Minnesota who stand with the dream of God’s heart and rise up as the Isaiahs of this day..prophetic statesmen who are entrusted with the governmental authority of the earth.  

Why did Uzziah die?  Why was he judged?  Because God’s glory is governmental.  His throne is established by covenant and He upholds the boundaries of His covenants.  Israel’s gov’t was made up of 3 separate branches—the office of the Priest, office of the Prophet, office of the King.  Our national government is patterned after Israel’s office as defined by God—with 3 separate branches bringing a branch of power to gov’t.  The Kingly office is comparable to the Executive Branch.  The prophetic office is similar to the Judicial Branch.   OT Prophets were judges—rendered judgments on behalf of the people.  The Priestly ministry is very much the same as the Legislative branch—they represented the people on behalf of God and they represented God on behalf of the people.  They were priests of the people.  What happened in 2 Chron. 26:15-16—Uzziah was devoted to the Lord and made engines of war….to shoot arrows of stone…he got famous for his military might, but when he became strong his heart was so proud he acted corruptly.  He was unfaithful to the Lord His God, and entered the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar of incense.  Azariah the priest entered after him and opposed Uzziah and said it is not up to you to burn incense to the Lord.  It’s the priests, the sons of Aaron, who are consecrated to burn incense.  Get out of the sanctuary for you have been unfaithful with no honor from the Lord God.  But Uzziah, with sensor in his hand was enraged and leprosy broke out.    What was going on?  The Executive branch had become so strong that the president of Israel decided he could take over the legislative branch, and begin to rule them.  When he did, God upheld the covenantal foundations of government and He had to judge Uzziah.   

We are in a season that the covenant that formed our gov’t in USA—our Constitution has been violated again and again, across many branches.  There is lawlessness.  Part of the dimension of God’s glory that He is restoring to our land is consequences for these violations.  There’s a dimension of God’s glory that brings justice.  But our forefathers fought a revolution to secure “No King but Jesus.”  This Revolution is all about upholding that proclamation.   I am going to say that we are in a turn around moment in our nation and can go one way or another.  We can further slide in captivity, and become captive to the very things we thought we wanted, or God can use a group of revolutionaries to rise up and redefine our world.  

Charge to Minnesota – No King but Jesus!

“Will you be the catalyst of turnaround the Lord has called you to be?  Will you stand to see the covenant that has established us and made us this great nation—with a balance of power between the offices?   So we don’t slide into dictatorship against the wishes of the legacy of our forefathers.”

Lord, we stand with the people of Minnesota.  Welcome in the glory of God, the whirlwind of your Holy Spirit and the King of Kings seated in the center of it, shaking the nations.  “St. Paul MN your stake is in the ground—your nation is turned back—one nation, under God, no King but Jesus.” 


March 19, 2016 – Jon Hamill

Word for Minnesota

“Minnesota is a turnaround state. “ The throne of God’s beauty is also the court of His justice.  I ask this for MN.  He invites each one of us as a lawyer in the Court of Heaven.  Present your case before Him and receive His verdict of justice on your behalf.  One of the primary definitions of intercessor is LAWYER.   A go-between between 2 parties, representing your party before a judge.  That is your role as an intercessor.

Rev. 19:11.  Here’s a picture of what is on the other side when the turnaround window opens.  God is releasing his war horses at this time.  (White horse—war horse of the Lord)  He judges and makes war on the earth to execute His judgment & establish His justice in earth.  Jesus comes through the open window.  He’s coming down!  The glory of God is coming to the earth—through the glory portal.  When He comes, He comes to the geographic seat of His throne in the earth called Jerusalem, precisely Mt. Zion to kick an antichrist spirit off His throne and rule the nations in His great return.  He’s not a baby in a manger anymore.  He’s not a broken man on a cross.  He didn’t stay in the grave, and He is not going to remain so long in Heaven.  This is all going to culminate in Israel with the 2nd coming of Christ.  He’s coming to dispossess the throne of the anti Christ spirit that holds the world in subjugation.  Every move of God that brings Heaven to Earth—is same, Jesus comes in to judge, make war and an advancement in social justice.  God wages war against the captivity of His people & brings them out of bondage and into freedom.  The entire Bible culminates with this Revolution.  Every Revolution is fought to establish new government.  This is the hour of Kingdom Govt. is advancing into the earth.   (Minnesota) You are coming as a governmental representative for your region.  You are gathering together as a continental congress where “We the People together, come in agreement…”  

We (Ekklesia) will be making governmental decisions that will affect the nation.   Exodus 2:  Get a picture of Jesus as a Revolutionary.  Every war begins with a verdict from God’s courtroom.  Some of us have gone into war before God has rendered a judgment…that’s when we get beat up.  

There is a limited window open now for national turnaround.  When God renders a judgment it is for us to go forth and possess the land.  This is the year to give our all.  Possess our land now!  Take back the land!  When He says Go..He is involved in your battles.  Exodus 2:23—Egyptians enslaved the Jews for 400 years and yet after this God hears their cry and remembers His covenant.   The word for hear here is Shama—means a courtroom hearing.  He heard their cries and convened the court of Heaven and reviewed case by case the cries of his people in bondage.  Same with Minnesota.  We bring these pleas before Heaven’s court..hear, remember the cries of the intercessors, saying HELP!  And set the course of action for healing, deliverance, being set free—your turnaround verdict.  

In Exodus 2 God holds court.  Exodus 12:12 God executes judgment/verdict he just rendered.   “Let my people go.”  Go to Daniel 7:21, 22 I beheld, & the same horn (antichrist spirit) made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; Until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was given to the saints of the Most High, and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.  Daniel sees this 3rd verdict from the courts of Heaven.    This is a turnaround verdict.  (God did it, they could not)  The saints were then released to possess the kingdom, and took the 7 mountains, the nation.  Because of a courtroom verdict.  Daniel was seeing into the end of days—like John in Rev. (who saw the result of that courtroom judgment.)  Esther did same thing….

“This is a season for the Haman’s of Minnesota to be exposed and restrained.  Governmentally this is the season for it. We ask for judgment to be rendered in favor of the saints in Minnesota, that the saints may possess the kingdom. ” 

I hear the gavel coming down.  God is rendering judgment  in favor of the saints.  Positions, promotions that have been denied —  all of a sudden the enemy is being restrained and you have free course to possess your promises! Turnaround verdict is now being released to MN, and from MN to the Nations!  Stopping the enemy in his tracks. Your own journey gets back on track so you can reach your intended destiny in Jesus Christ.    “No King But Jesus!”   

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