Karen Gibson / February 19, 2011 / Ask for the Nations

Ask for the Nations!



February 19, 2011 –
Karen Gibson
Karen GibsonThings are moving ahead quickly now.  Anticipate acceleration ‘both in the spiritual and in the natural.  This Awake MN conference is strategic in the timing for MN and MN to this nation.  What is spoken from my Holy Throne in MN will be also for the nation.  I say, ask for the nations!  Ask for the nations!  Ask for the nations!  The nations are in your backyard and I have brought them to you.  Begin to see what I am preparing to do in your state and ultimately in this nation of America.

There are outposts across this state where every kind of wickedness is taking place, even in My Name-just as there are freedom outposts across this state that have been identified by Holy Spirit.  The baal structures of the ancient idol worship have been identified all over this land-MN and America- and the divorce has happened.  But what comes about after the divorce is as important as the divorce itself.  Once you are free, you battle to stay free.  There are those who are in that battle now.  Freedom doesn’t feel like freedom when the battle changes from what you knew to what is now unknown. Many return to the known rather than face the unknown where real freedom lies (exists).

The freedom outposts are significant beacons of light in your region.  Where baal worship has been overthrown, I AM worship is re-established.  I AM a jealous God who desires whole-hearted, unadulterated worship.  I have established these freedom outposts to magnify My true light to shine forth in righteousness and holiness.

Worship is the key to open the freedom outposts to operate in My righteousness and My holiness.  There are those that are worshiping already and will be brought to a deeper level of wisdom and revelation of who I AM.  As worship in Spirit and in Truth happens all over this state in accordance with My will, the freedom outposts will become lighthouses.

Begin to prepare for the worshipers of baal and all that leads to death becoming awakened by the Glory Light I AM shining over MN.  The lighthouses will begin to shine with light that supersedes anything seen in the natural realm.  I have been holding back for such a time as this to release the brilliancy of My light and the My supersonic sound to transform what has been.  This light and sound will travel the ley-lines, the grid across this region and transform even the electrical grid that is already in place.  This grid is the vast network I already have established for Kingdom purposes to light up this state, to be a transformer for the nation.

MN, worship the one true God.  Choose this day whom you will serve.  Come into My gates with thanksgiving and My courts with praise.  Offer yourselves as living sacrifices holy and wholly unto me.  I will come and inhabit your praises.  You will know who I AM and I AM will know you. No longer will your land be a stench in My nostrils.  I again will be your God and you will be My people.

I love you, My Bride.      

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