Karen Gibson / Oct. 23, 2013 / Worship at the River

Worship at the River


October 23, 2013
Karen Gibson

Been remindedKaren Gibson a few times of Tom blowing his shofar right into the water at the Headwaters releasing the sound/light wave vibrations into the very water that courses downstream. Will activate and release the wave vibrations to travel the length of the River and out to the Gulf of Mexico. Felt he was to blow the shofar into the water at each location we are a part of as we travel south. Each time, the sound/light wave vibrations will magnify as it joins with the already released sound/light wave vibrations.

ssissippi in New Orleans.It will essentially cause a rushing and building so that a tsunami of worship will explode out of the mouth of the Mi

It’s possible others that are part of the team are to blow their shofars into the actual water at the stops along the River as Holy Spirit directs.

Karen Gibson

Holy Spirit, is there anything you want to share today as we are traveling?

Today is a strategic day in the history of this United States. It has national significance. You have no idea the impact this is making in the spiritual realm over this nation. The numbers may be few, however when executing/legislating from Elohiym’s realm to the earth, it doesn’t take many. Kingdom language is necessary to change the direction of the things seen in the natural realm. Do not focus on the natural realm as you are quantum beings and legislate between the realms to make Heaven-to-earth Kingdom declarations that cause changes to happen.

I am right now encircling this organic team that will change from site to site to be in the eternal purposes of the Trinity. I am circular and do encircle you to be in My purposes for such a time as this.

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