Karen Gibson / October 25, 2013 / Continental Angel

Continental Angel


October 25, 2013
Karen Gibson

Karen Gibson
Good Morning Holy Spirit.  Last night was the Worship Congress at Spiritual Life Church.  It was a glorious night of Worship!  Worship at the River.  At one point James Nesbit asked if anyone saw angels in the room.  Betsy Moeller said that she had seen a “Continental Angel” both at the Headwaters and there in the room last night.

My question to you, Holy Spirit, is “What is the angel’s assignment.  What is the Continental Angel here for in MN?

You realize that MN is part of the continental gate for this continent.  I didn’t say for this nation, I said for the continent.  

You have gathered as my Ekklesia and this is a legislative assembly gathered here.   You have the key given to you to open locked doors and it is the time to do that on behalf of this continent.  The Continental Angel is here to help you accomplish that.  You open the door for the King of Glory to come into this continent.   You are the War Eagles I have been waiting to release upon this land.  

As you open that Continental Door, you, the eternal War Eagles, will fly through that opening and soar  N-S-E-W and carry my War Cry to not only the peoples on the land, but as the War Cry is released, the land will respond and vomit out the iniquities that is has been holding making the land and water sick.  

The cleansing Blood of Yeshua has made the way.  The Continental Angel is here to make the way for the War Eagles to ride the Wind of My Spirit and make the declarations I reveal to you over the people and the land and the waters in the land of this continent.  This angel is connecting Mexico/USA/Canada.

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