Karen Gibson / September 12, 2011 / A Tender, Tenacious, Tumultuous Time

A Tender, Tenacious, Tumultuous Time



September 12, 2011
Karen Gibson

Karen GibsonThis is a tender time.
It is a tenacious time.
It is a tumultuous time.
This is not a “counting the cost” time, but
A Tender, Tenacious, Tumultuous Time“paying the price” time.

Are you willing?  Because the price has already been paid.  Keep coming up higher in Me; higher and I will show you things that you know nothing of.

Tender time:  spending time with Me

Tenacious time:  hang on like a bulldog to those things I showed you in the “tender”times

Tumultuous time:  you will not be tossed to and fro even in the midst of the waves; it is for the purpose of the harvest.

The worship angels have been here in MN and the TC for a long time, one for musicians and one for singers that have been seen over the capitol, in other places with their backs to each other and playing their long silver trumpets and twirling.  

Call to the Wall