Karen & Tom Gibson / September 22, 2013 / Headwaters of the Mississippi / Pre-Worship at the River

Worship on the River

September 22, 2013
Karen & Tom Gibson

Karen GibsonThis is a word we received on 9/22 about Worship on the River as we were interceding. I just pulled it up and felt I was supposed to send it. It’s for all of those on the team of Worship on the River and the sons of Elohiym.

I can hear the desires of your heart to be a part of Worship at the River. This is a NOW assignment. Out of your bellies will flow rivers of living water. MN is the headwater of the MISSISSIPPI, but the (nations) rivers flow into the Mississippi and it runs through the “belly of the nation”. As it flows down through the nation the waters that are added by the rivers flowing into it provide life. Each river is like a part of the body; each one bringing what it has been intended to do, so the bigger may be the harmony of all combined.

As those who gather on Oct. 23rd all across the nation at the rivers/headwaters, they are releasing their river in their region to do its intended part to bring to the whole of the larger river, Mississippi. At each stop of the team along the way, there is a confluence of the smaller being integrated into the larger, so by the time the team is all the way to the mouth, out of the belly of this nation of America will flow rivers of living water. This will impact the nations. Worship is the theme for the gatherings as the team goes down the river. Worship of what I have made, not what you have made.

This is not just about the waters you can see ON the land; there is water UNDER the land that will be cleansed in the fullness of worship as well; even as the water on the land is part of the evaporation process, the atmosphere of the clouds gathering the moisture and falling as rain is being shifted. (sense of on the earth, under the earth and above the earth)

The timing is NOW and the NOW worship is shifting the earth to come into agreement with the creation memory of My intent that is already implanted in creation.

Your bodies are made to operate and are filled with water. Think of the life giving water that resides in your bodies as you drink deep of the reservoirs of My Spirit. Because of being filled, you can pour out of your bellies the rivers of living water to those around you. Drink and spill, drink and spill, drink and spill. If something spills it is usually unintentional. It just happened. That is what you will do; nothing you can control or take ownership of. It will just continuously happen as you drink in. That is in contrast to drink and pour. Pouring you do on purpose. In this season it will be a spilling out. Be ready to observe what I am doing through you. You will see many come to you and you will be ready to receive them as you have been at the soda fountain stools (counter) drinking the living water. (saw round, red-topped sparkly plastic coverings on a aluminum/steel pedestal-like at a soda shoppe!)

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