Lonnie Ulmer / December 12, 2012 / Golden Glory Band Over Twin Cities

Glory Band over the Twin Cities


December 12, 2012
Lonnie Ulmer 

In the middle of the night, I saw a vision of a huge angel over the Capitol. Because I knew it was an archangel, I asked the Lord the angel’s name. The Lord said, “Gabriel.” Years ago, Luis Palau was in Minnesota for an evangelistic crusade on the steps and mall of the Capitol. At that time, I saw a huge angel over the Capitol, and the Lord said it was Gabriel. I learned from other Capitol Intercessors that Minnesota had a history of anti-Semitism, and there had been specific repentance for the sins of the past. The Lord said, “Just as Gabriel announced the first coming of Christ, Gabriel is here to announce the second coming of Christ.” What I want to be clear about is that no one, not even the angels in heaven know of the day or the hour, but only the Father. But why God sent Gabriel at Advent is to let us know to get ready.

Then I received another vision, of the heavens over the Twin Cities area. There was a band of darkness above the city, of demonic beings. But above that darkness there was a layer of golden glory-filled with golden warrior angels. The two layers were completely separate bands, but the golden band covered all the darkness, and was above all the darkness. I received these words:  

The victory is won in the spiritual realm. Soon you will see it manifest in the natural world. My people, My people, all your faith, all your hope, all your trust are in Me and My promises. My promises are true, My promises are unfailing, My promise to come again will soon be fulfilled. Will My bride be ready? I AM calling you to prepare, church. Lift your eyes and see the harvest fields. And prepare your hearts, My bride, to receive the last harvest before I AM coming again. May the church as one say, Maranatha, even so come Lord Jesus.

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