Lori Perz/Nov. 12, 2016/Word for Minnesota

Prophetic Word for Minnesota from Washington County

Lori Perz
Nov. 12, 2016

As Washington County is named for our nation’s FOUNDING father and FIRST president and general of the CONTINENTAL Army, so you, Minnesota are called to be FOUNDATIONAL to this nation.  Even as Abraham offered Isaac, David offered a sacrifice and Solomon built the Temple on the same THRESHING FLOOR, you are not only the Threshing Floor of the nation, you are a FOUNDATION STONE and a state of many FIRST FRUITS and you have been sovereignly positioned as a high place in the North American CONTINENT, even as you are positioned within the Continental Divide.


You Minnesota are a foundation stone of Mt. Zion, a heavenly place of worship and government.  Even as King David built his Tabernacle on Mt. Zion and instituted a new paradigm of worship and warfare, so you, Minnesota, are called to be a Mt. Zion that will play a key note in the restoration of the Tabernacle of David for the healing of the nations.  Tune to the Key of David in the 444 Hz, even as the Ezekiel 44:4 North Gate and watch God release His glory in unprecedented ways!  Minnesota, your waters are healing waters and you have a healing anointing. 


Minnesota, Creator God created you as hamakor–the ancient place, the beginning, and the source.  In the natural and in the spirit realm, you are a source that I AM’s life flows from like the headwaters of a river.  Your three headwaters are a reflection of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  You are an ancient place of the Ancient of Days and He is calling you from the crossroads to ask for the ancient paths.  Even like the oxcart paths of old, you are going to provide ancient paths for others in the kingdom to walk on.  They are old paths that carry the new.  You are more than pioneers, Minnesota, you are explorers.  Your exploration of God and His covenant paths will bring kingdom first fruits and covenant blessings in countless ways.


God’s throne, built on a foundation of righteousness and justice, sits on the Circle of the Face of the Deep in the Northern Hemisphere.  Minnesota, as Polaris, the North Star, you have been strategically placed at the very center of the Circle of the Face of the Deep.  As the North Star, you are the one central star that the others “move” around.  You are the star that provides navigation and a frame of reference.  Keep your eyes fixed on Yeshua, the Bright Morning Star, and He will use you like a compass for the rest of the nation.  As they look to you, they will be gazing upon Him and His ancient throne.  The Lord is speaking in “sign language” in the coming days, and some of the key signs are the ones He speaks through night after night in the celestial sky–the sun, moon and stars.  You, Minnesota are a key to reclaiming this ancient path that Daniel walked in.


You are MINE Minnesota!  Look at the mines in your state in a new way.  There are treasures hidden in darkness and riches stored in secret places in your mines.


Minnesota, you march to your own drumbeat and you have been fiercely independent.  But, this drum beat has not always been of the Lord.  God is causing you to move and to march to His drum beat now.  He is transforming your “independent spirit” to a righteous independence for the independence of the United States of America.


Minnesota, even as your Twin Cities were once called the anti-Semitic capital of the U.S., God has sovereignly turned you around to become a covenant state!  You bless and love Israel and the Jewish people and you have become a first fruits of other states that God is going to turn around in order to align with Israel.  As you also continue to reconcile the issues with the Natives in your state and love and bless them, they will help to unlock and bring forth a dynamic One New Man reality and SOUND in the state as a prototype and melody for the nation!

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