Juan Francisco / 1998 / Fire Swept Down the Mississippi

Revival in America


1998 Juan Francisco

In 1998 God gave Juan a vision of revival in America. In the vision he saw fire breakout in the north central part of the United States. This fire swept down the center of the United States, along the Mississippi River and emptied into the gulf.

Juan was put in contact with Pastor Lynndene Way (Alexandria MN). After hearing Juan’s story, Lynndene invited him to Alexandria to share his vision.  Juan preached to an overflowing crowd and as a result, during the last 15 years, many references have been made regarding this vision.

Juan Francisco has now written a book “The Fire from the North”  which is an account of this vision.

Juan believes there is a shift taking place in the spiritual environment that indicates a mighty move of God is about to explode in our midst. Many people share his opinion.

Juan prophesied: “Something is happening! God has set the stage. Behold, the Glory of God is about to shake up America like it has never seen before.”

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