Robert & Linda Heidler / Feb. 26, 2008 / Minnesota is Rising

“Minnesota is Rising” 

February 26, 2008
Robert & Linda Heidler


Robert Heidler:  Last week when we were on vacation I had a very strange dream. I was playing guitar and had a sheet of music   with the words and guitar chords but the chords were not over the right words so it was very hard to play and I was getting very frustrated.  Then I looked up and saw an old brick wall like the side of an old building.  Someone had taken letters from old signs and fastened them to the wall to make the words and chords of the song.  I thought I could just play the song from the wall, so I tried to do that.  I began to follow the words and chords on the wall which were made from old signs broken up and put together.  The first three chords were OK and I could play them with no trouble, but when I looked at the letter for the fourth chord, it was the letter “N” which is not a guitar chord.  Guitar chords are the letters “A” through “G”.  I looked and saw that the rest of the letters were just random letters on the wall made up of pieces of old signs.  I realized that there was no way I could play the rest of the song.  All I had been able to sing was the first line of the song and when I woke up, it was going over and over in my mind. It was, “Minnesota is rising.”  You know how sometimes you wake up from a dream you think, “Oh, wow!  That was profound.  That was important”.  Then after you are awake for awhile you think, “What was that?”  That’s how I felt, but Chuck said that it is important, so let’s worship for awhile then we will pray through what the Lord showed me. John, lead us in the key of “N”!  

Linda Heidler:  Here is what I see, there are sometimes the Lord says something andI have no idea what He is talking about.  All I can do is say, “Lord, if You are saying this, then I agree with You.” If the Lord says that Minnesota is rising, I agree with Him even if I do not have a clue what that means.

Minnesota is rising and You will give me revelation as to what that means. All who are listening from Minnesota take note of this.  The Lord says that something is rising in Minnesota whether you understand it or not, agree with Him and declare it into the heavens.  Minnesota is rising! If I have gone as far as I can and look at the next chord and don’t know how to play or sing it, then God will give me revelation for the rest.  

Robert Heidler: When God began to give the interpretation late last night, here is what He said, “God has a song for you to sing.” All creation was designed to praise Him and there is a song built into you that God wants to come forth from you.  Every star, every rock in the universe has a song to sing.  God has a song for you.  It is a song of praise, of deliverance, of direction and of destiny.  There is a song for you that will get you through every blockade and into your destiny.  Ask the Lord to show you your song.  The Lord will find a way for you to see the song that needs to come forth. If you cannot see it on the page, He will write it on the wall. Belshazzar in the book of Daniel could have gotten it from the page.  He could have looked in the scriptures, but he could not get it there so God wrote it on the wall for him.  God will have a way to get you to your song.  Ask the Lord to bring forth your song.  

Robert: So when the enemy comes to you and says, “It can’t be done.”  Look him in the eye and say, “God can.”

Robert:  That is the second part of the interpretation of the dream. To make your leap this year, you need to take a new look at old signs. There are things God has shown, signs that He has given you in the past. Some of them you thought you knew the meaning of, but He will take the things from the past and put them together in a new way to show you the significance you never saw before.  Ask the Lord to revisit the past signs in your life.  Ask to see the fullness of what He was trying to show you when He visited you. There were things you did not understand or see in perspective.  To leap forward this year, you need to have those signs reinterpreted from His perspective.  

Robert:  So God says that you have a song that is designed to come forth from you, but to break out and leap forward this year, you need to revisit your old signs and allow the Lord to reinterpret your past.  There was a third thing from the dream.  

Right now, because of the old cycle you have been in, you are not yet able to decode some of the song.  In music we are caught in a cycle that goes, “A, B, C, D, E, F, G.”  Then the cycle starts over, “A, B, C, D, E, F, G.”  It goes around and around and we can’t play anything out of our cycle.  God said, “Just because you can’t play anything out of your cycle does not mean nothing is there.”  There are a limited number of colors we can see with our naked eye, but we know that there are colors outside of our visible spectrum.  Just because we only know how to play the chords we know does not mean there are not more out there.  

At Starting the Year Off Right, when we played the song of the stars and the planets, I think some of them were singing in the key of “N”.  There are new songs and new sounds God wants to birth.  Let Him break you out of your old cycle and into a new paradigm.  Ask Him to let you hear the new sounds that you have never heard before.  Ask Him to let you play out of the old cycle and let the fullness come forth of what you could not play before.

Linda: We don’t think of rocks singing, but the Bible says that rocks sing and trees clap their hands. This year God wants to open up the sounds of creation to us. We will have to shift to acknowledge that there are real sounds that we have not heard that the Lord speaks through.  I have been in situations where the sound of creation could be interpreted like a tongues message or a prophetic song on an instrument.  It does not have words, but the sound speaks the word of the Lord.  We must shift our brains or we will miss the message on the wall in front of us.  When Robert told me this dream I said, “Those rocks on that wall have a song, a sound and we can’t understand it.”  We need to shift out of the little box of our thinking that all there is is what we know.  Lord, break us into a new realm of revelation where we will gain the hidden wisdom and knowledge that You have deposited in creation.  Creation cries out for the revelation of the sons of God. Part of the redemption of creation is for us to acknowledge its sound and praise God with creation.  

Robert:  In the dream God said that there is a song inside of you that needs to be released, but you are going to have to reinterpret some old signs. You are going to have to look at them a different way and learn to sing outside of you old cycle and enter a new paradigm to sing what has not been sung.

God says that this is a time when He wants your “Minnesota” to rise. God wants those things in your past that you could not figure out, painful situations that you could not figure out why God would put you through.  God will begin to reinterpret those things and put them in a fresh perspective. He wants to teach you the sound that you could not hear before.   “Minnesota is rising!”  Tell someone that your Minnesota is rising this year.  The things in your past that created bitterness and blockages will be unlocked by a new song.  To leap forward this year, we must celebrate the overturning of old cycles.  We need to see complete release from bitterness.  Lord, we break any curse spoken against Minnesota and we bless Minnesota.

Robert:  Go forth, be blessed!  

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