Karen Gibson / August 1, 2008 / Warship Vision

Warship Vison


Aug 1, 2008
Karen Gibson,

Karen Gibson

I saw a huge “warship”.  I asked the Lord where this ship was. He said it was parked on the Mississippi River just below the Excel Center in St. Paul (MN).

It was a huge, ocean-going ship.  It had a strong arrow point at the front of the ship and had huge metal reinforcements on the front of the ship that were riveted on for cutting through as if cutting through the water (icebreaker); it made it very strong in the breaking of the waves as it went through the water.

This was also a “flagship” and a command center.  It seemed as if it were the Lord’s War Room. It had 3 huge flags on the deck of the ship; not sure if it had any color, seemed like the flags were white, but very, very large flying in the wind.

Each one of the flags was higher than the other.  The bottom flag said, “JESUS IS LORD OVER THE TWIN CITIES”; the next higher flag said, “JESUS IS LORD OVER MINNESOTA”; the next higher flag said, “JESUS IS LORD OVER THE USA”.

(Later as I was asking the Lord about this vision, I saw 3 rings, such as the Olympic rings, intersecting, meaning the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit all intersecting.  These were on the flags as well.  I felt as this was establishing the God-head, 3 in one, and His presence with authority in this place. It was a “heaven invading earth” type of sensing).

It seemed as if the warship was a place of unity in command, releasing the Navy seals (water), the Swat Teams (land) and the Apache helicopters and airplanes (air).

It also seemed as if the warship was an aircraft carrier with planes landing and taking off.  It was like the teams would go out and do their part and come back to report and receive further instructions.

There were angels on this ship that were there asking to be released.  We did release them. When this group that was at the meeting dispatched the angels, Gary B. saw them going to the four corners of MN.  I saw them shoulder to shoulder lining the borders of MN as a “turtle shield” wing covering wing covering wing protecting who could come in and who could go out of here.

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