Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets / August 4-5, 2003 / State Tour / Threshing Floor

Threshing Floor for the Nation!

Fifty State Tour



Aug 4-5, 2003
Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets

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Aug 4, 2003 

And I would say to you, I have gathered you here this night because of the decision that is being warred over in this nation, saith the Lord.  I would say that because you have come and gathered I am now hanging in balance that which was determined for evil in this land.  

I would say to you because you have gathered, I will now cause the bio’terrorism that was hidden to be uncovered now in this nation, saith the Lord.  I say because you are gathering and you are worshiping now, that which was intended to be released will now be stopped.  I would say now if this land will turn and worship in a new way, and enter into the reality of what I am calling this nation to enter into from Minnesota, saith the Lord, I would say to you, I will stop the diseases that will be released in this land in an unprecedented dimension that you have not known.  

I also say there will be great medical breakthrough even in the coming nine months in Minnesota that will change the course of this land.  I will even move upon the medical field and the medical structure of society in this state.  I say I will begin to move in a way that I open up that which was hidden to the eyes that will cause great breakthrough both in cancer and in AIDS.  

I say there is a movement going on in the heavens now and because you are willing to be My threshing floor, you will affect the harvest of the land, saith the Lord.

And I would say to you there will be wisdom that rests upon this state.  A supernatural wisdom, saith the Lord.  

And I would say there will be a speech made in this state that will change the course of this land.  For this speech will be a speech that brings great division in this land, but this speech will be from Me, saith the Lord.  And I will release from this state a message that will travel down the headwaters of this…that dwell in this state, down through this land, saith the Lord, and this message will cause a decision to be made one way or the other in this land.  No more will opinions be between this and between that, for I will release a speech in Minnesota that will come through a governmental official that will change the course of this land, saith the Lord.  

I say to you I will bring direction to this nation that will set its course for forty years from this state.   I say open up the way for My head to be displayed and My mind to be declared in this particular state.  Even you gathering tonight, there is an opening being created.  Listen carefully, for the course and the speech that will determine the way this nation goes will be delivered in this state.  

And I would say, even this night I am removing a root of bitterness that has been deep within this land.  For that bitterness has gone deep through conflict and racial conflict.  

I would say to you anti-Semitism and the hate group that is hidden in this state will rise to its surface now, saith the Lord.  For I have determined my covering to come upon this land and as bitterness is removed, redemption will flow.  You will see this bitter root that is hidden in your midst removed, and where there has been conflict, conflict will begin to cease for a season.  

And in this state it will be recorded, 10,000 will be saved and transferred into My kingdom.  I would say to you I am doing a new thing and because of your offering tonight, the root of hate that was hidden in this state will now be uncovered.

Dutch Sheets:

Father, we thank you now for what you are doing and saying here.  Lord, we believe that there is something about this state right now that is a destiny thing for the nation.  This threshing floor state where, Lord, Your glory came and transformed the nation.  Where the glory of God came in and Your weighty presence was felt.  And You were recognized.  

Lord, we say that there will come a speech out of Minnesota that will determine the destiny and future of American.  It will come with such clarity.  It will draw lines so clearly.  It will even have an anointing, Lord.  Though it may not come forth in a church, Lord, that does not mean that it will not be anointing by Your Holy Spirit.  We say that there is someone who is going to be given the word of the Lord whether they call it that or not.  Whether they cloak it in religious terms or nor doesn’t matter.  It will be the word of the Lord.  And it will be anointed by Your Holy Spirit.  

And so, Lord, we pray for the government of this state.  We pray for the leaders that are here, but for those who are not here.  We pray, Lord, from the Governor on down for the legislature, for the congress of this state.  We pray, Lord, for the advisers and cabinet, Lord.  Pray for every person in government in the state of Minnesota.  We ask You, Lord, to raise up strategic voices and give them great wisdom.  Lord, raise up statesmen right here.  Let them have the mantle of Lincoln, Lord, of the past, and those, Lord, that made declarative speeches that rattled the nation.  Let that come forth from Minnesota, I pray.  We call forth the word of the Lord.  We call forth the word of the Lord.  We call forth the word of the Lord even through government offices.  In Jesus’ name.  

Lord, we ask you for new beginnings right here.   Turn this state.  Turn this nation.  Heal the broken heart.  Bring in the outcasts.  Care for the poor and hurting.  Lord, are you saying this is the day that we move from gleaning in the corners of the field to moving into the threshing floor where the harvest is complete?  Lord, let this be a day when this state moves into the fullness of harvest.  Not just the corners of the field.  Lord, let it be newness, newness, newness, life, blessing.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  Do a work in this state, Lord, to transform poverty.  Move into the inner city, Lord, and do something extraordinary.  Let this offering tonight be a sign that You are coming to the inner cities in Minnesota and You are coming to the poor and the hurting.  Those without.  Those that have been outcast.  Those that have been cast into the street, the fatherless, the poor.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Teach them.  Cover them.  Transform them.  Train them.  Give them a place of their own.  Cover them.  Cover them.  Cover them, Boaz.  New beginnings.  Thank you, Father.

We would just say that there is coming a move of the Spirit of God to the State of Minnesota that is going to break off all weakness and infirmity, unbelief, insecurity, fear, inferiority, that the enemy would have tried to bring to this state and cause it to feel insignificant in any way, shape or form. We say that that is being broken off of this state, in the Name of Jesus.  And God is bringing this state to a place of preeminence and breakthrough, and all of the oppression of the enemy is being broken off, winnowed away from you.  And the word of the Lord, the fleece, the confirming Word of the Lord is coming.  I just say that there is a new release of the prophetic anointing.  The breakthrough of the confirming mantle of God, the prophetic voice of God is coming to a new level in the State of Minnesota.  The church is going to be able to hear clearly, and the church is going to receive signs and confirmations and dreams and visions.  And that which the Lord says to the church in Minnesota is going to be confirmed again, and again, and again, and again.  Because God is going to supernaturally bring the dew and bring the wetness of His Spirit to you.  And all that He needs to do to bring you confirmation and push you all the way to breakthrough is coming to this state.  And you will be a Gideon’s army and though you may not be the biggest and though you be small, you are going to strong.  And you are going to lead the way into breakthrough and victory and the breaking of oppression, because that mantle is on you, says the Lord.  

How about that Gideon’s anointing; will you take that?

Lord, let this state be one that leads the way in breakthrough.  The sword of the Lord and Minnesota.  Come on, take it.  Just take it right now.  Lord, we just take the anointing.  And though they are not the biggest, they are strong by the power of the Spirit.  Gideon said, I’m insignificant, I’m from an insignificant tribe.  Why are you coming to me?  And God said, I’m coming to you because I’ve chosen you to lead the way.  Lord, we say there is coming a significance in the Spirit to this state that is going to be great.  We receive that mantle, in Jesus’ name.

Come on, just pray for a minute.  You just pray.  Take it, just go ahead and take it.  Just go ahead and take it.  Lord, just put upon Your people that mantle, that anointing of Gideon.  Breakthrough, the shout of the Lord.  Breaking oppression.  Restoration, restoration, redemption, restoration, redemption, restoration, redemption.  Come on, just take it for another minute, just go ahead and be…just take it.  Lord, we just receive Your mantle.  We receive Your mantle.  Lord, I ask You even now to bring confirmation to your people, just as you did Gideon.  Lord, bring Your confirmation.  Those that need a clear word, bring it to them.  Bring forth the prophetic anointing to bring a clear word to your people.  To the leaders, to government leaders, to church leaders, to business leaders, to leaders in the home.  Lord, let the word of the Lord be certain and sure in this state.  Come to the threshing floor.  Come, Lord, to the threshing floor.  Thank You, Lord.  Thank You, Lord.  

Mic 4:13

13 Arise and thresh, O Daughter of Zion! For I will make your horn iron and I will make your hoofs bronze; you shall beat in pieces many peoples, and I will devote their gain to the Lord and their treasure to the Lord of all the earth.

I say arise and thresh Minnesota; arise and thresh.  

Isa 41:12’15

12 You shall seek those who contend with you but shall not find them; they who war against you shall be as nothing.

13 For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; I am the Lord, Who says to you, Fear not; I will help you!

14 Fear not, you worm Jacob, you men of Israel! I will help you, says the Lord; your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel.

15 Behold, I will make you to be a new, sharp, threshing instrument which has teeth; you shall thresh the mountains and beat them small, and shall make the hills like chaff.


Minnesota, I have made you a new sharp threshing sledge with double edges.  You will thresh the mountains and pulverize them.  

Joel 2:23’27

23 Be glad then, you children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord, your God; for He gives you the former or early rain in just measure and in righteousness, and He causes to come down for you the rain, the former rain and the latter rain, as before.

24 And the [threshing] floors shall be full of grain and the vats shall overflow with juice [of the grape] and oil.     

25 And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten Χ the hopping locust, the stripping locust, and the crawling locust, My great army which I sent among you.      

26 And you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord, your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you. And My people shall never be put to shame.

27 And you shall know, understand, and realize that I am in the midst of Israel and that I the Lord am your God and there is none else. My people shall never be put to shame.


August 5, 2003

Chuck Pierce

As Pastor Dutch is speaking, what a lot of time we don’t understand is our DNA has a memory.  And so in the memory of your DNA, a literal memory is in the DNA.  That’s why, when you get cut, the skin knows how to go back together.  And even though it goes back together, there’s a scar there.  The same way in your DNA strands.  It all works the same way with you.  And so, what happens is, an iniquitous pattern hits you.  Grandpa has an affair and that adultery and broken covenant has a memory.  The trauma of that is remembered in your DNA structure.  Then when it issues life, when the sperm and egg is issued out of you, that builds into the next generation.  You see how it works.  And then, what happens is, then Dad all of a sudden when he’s thirty, he has an affair.  See, because Satan knows how to attach to that iniquitous pattern.  Same way with betrayal in your life.  If you’re a woman, you’ve been divorced, that betrayal, your husband’s been unfaithful to you.  The trauma of that is passed on.  And then it’s passed on from generation to generation.  You’re not repenting of the sin that you’ve committed, but what you want to do, you want to break the pattern of that so it can’t go any further.  You just say, wait a minute.  That’s what happened to me, I said wait a minute; I don’t have to do what Granddaddy did and Daddy did.  The buck stops here.  It’s not going any further.  And the Spirit of God comes down and the Bible tells us in Hebrews 9, by the Spirit of God in our blood, actually Him living in your spirit man, He as a person begins to flow through your blood, cleansing your conscious. And your conscious is cleansed, and it’s released.  And then what happens is, it’s like the floodgate opens up.

Now, I see a picture here in Minnesota, why this is so important.  Because there’s such an anointing last night and here today.  I see a picture, ah…the greatest body of water that really flows in this nation is the Mississippi.  And it begins here.  Now, just picture that and you’ll get the picture of heaven.  Bill, would you come here a minute and let me just show you this.  Just stand right here.  Because, what Pastor Dutch was saying, when you’re looking up and you’re going up into, and you’re seeing all the blessings that God has for you in spiritual places.  They’re already there.  He created them before the foundation of the earth.  He had in mind what He has for you.  He knew you before the foundation of the earth.  He knew all the blessings He wanted to pour down through your bloodline before the foundation of the earth.  I mean, they were there.  The Bible tells us that.  Look at your neighbor and say, you’re a lot older, you’ve been around a long time.  

Now the blessings of God look like this.  Look, it’s a river from heaven, and its just flowing down upon you.  It’s connecting you, it’s just coming down on you.  That’s the way blessings look; that’s what God intended.  All the blessings in heavenly places to pour down.  But then all of a sudden the river gets dirty, the river gets blocked.  Nothing can come forward.  Now, I want to say here in Minnesota, God started the river here that flows down through our land; therefore He wants to start the blessing and the cleansing here to flow out across this land so that we receive all that He has for us.  Now, Father, I thank you… now just extend your hands up into the river and just go up.  Say, Lord, start me at the beginning of the river.  See, God’s not in time, He is time.  He can snap you right back right now at the beginning of the river of life of your bloodline.  See, my family was in spiritism.  That’s why the devil perverts that.  So they connect and try to communicate with the dead and keep communicating with those familiar spirits.  You don’t have to do that; you can just say, Lord, I’m ready for the river to get cleaned up.  I’m ready for my bloodline to get cleaned up.  I’m ready for the blessing you intended for my bloodline to flow down upon me and, Lord, I’m jumping in the river at the beginning again.  I’m going up, I’m going into Your throne room.  I’m coming boldly into the throne room.  And then start me off in the river new and fresh.  

Father, we thank You we can go up before You.  We thank You that the Breaker’s going before everyone in this room individually.  Lord, we thank You that the worship is causing us to rise up and ascend into that place of beginning that you have for us.  The beginning of blessings.  Lord, we decree right now a breaking forth, a breaking loose, of everything the enemy has.  Lord, we say it’s going to be purged out of our bloodline.  Lord, we declare a reconciliation going on in our bloodlines.  And, Lord, we declare a snapping into place of that which has been out of order.  Lord, we declare a release of blessing.  And, Father, here in Minnesota, we declare the river will begin in a new way and be cleansed and all of this land, all the way from Minnesota to New Orleans, Lord, there will be a moving of God’s Spirit.  First to the East, and then to the West.  Father, we say restore the purity of the water of the river of this land from Minnesota, in Jesus’ name.  

Chuck Pierce:

The Lord says I’m going back 12 years in this region where I was about to move and My move was resisted.  Because, let me tell you something.  We’re always trying to reconcile what we did with the native people, and what we did with the races, and what we do with the genders.  Let me tell you what God reconciles.  He says, wait a minute.  You ran me off at a certain point, and what you did to run Me off, you won’t move any further until you get that right.  So I don’t know what went on here 12 years ago in the move of God that was ready to break forth in a new dimension here, but whatever happened opened a door to what we’re experiencing today.  Now, I’m going to tell you something.  You can figure it out; you can pray through.  That’s part of the strategy that God has for you.  

Twelve means new administration.  Here was this young girl right at the time of puberty, right at the time to break forth, just representing the future.  Ready to break forth and she’s dead.  But her dad’s worshiping.  He doesn’t get off track because she’s dead.  He worships.  Now, notice worship’s going to be key as we move forward.  So, Jesus arose and followed him.  I love that scripture as much as any scripture, because it shows you that you can worship the Lord in such a way, we talked about following Him last night, that He’ll follow you.  Now I love that.  Jesus followed him because of this man’s worship.  And I want to tell you something, Body of Christ in Minnesota.  God can bring you into a new dimension of worship here that He comes down and goes all over this land with you.  And so, He’s following this man and He’s following him because this girl represents the future.  She represents that generation ready to blossom forth.  And I feel that in Minnesota.  There’s a generation ready to blossom forth, and yet there’s a mixture for them to blossom for into.  And so, the enemy’s trying to subdue them, and it’s time for them to blossom forth.  Now, while He’s going… I love this… vs 2?:  SUDDENLY, everybody say “suddenly” because this is the year when we’re going to start seeing the suddenlies.  Suddenly just means all of a sudden something interrupts your path, and it’s a miracle type anointing because there’s a miracle release; there’s an interdiction, there’s something you’ve got to contend with suddenly because it just happens all of a sudden and you’re going to have to do something with it.  And so, suddenly, this woman who had had flow of blood for 12 years…now we find the daughter was Jairus’ daughter, we find her in one of the other gospels, she was 12 years old, but here’s this woman also who had had this issue of blood for 12 years.  And the blood had been pouring forth from her.  And she comes up from behind the Lord…now He’s moving toward the new.  That’s what that whole passage is about.  He’s telling John’s disciples, We’re moving toward the new.  Does that mean He’s just going to leave everybody, because you have a wonderful religious tradition here.  What He leaves is the methods of the last move of glory where Satan has gotten in…that’s what methodeia means, wiles, and developed strategies that have captured God’s people in religion.  And what He says is, He’s saying that and He’s moving toward that new that’s there, that doesn’t seem alive and breathing, and here comes the old from behind and touches His garment.  Now that shows us something.  That shows us that that movement that God wanted to bring into fullness 12 years ago that’s been hemorrhaging in Minnesota, it can press on through and actually become a new wineskin.  It can press on through into new place of healing.  And so, here the Lord is divinely demonstrating what He just taught about the wineskin principle earlier.  He’s saying, I’m going to connect these 12 year issues.  One, I’m going to make whole that has not been whole for 12 years.  One I’m going to liberate so it rises up into the fullness of identify that is planned to be even though it doesn’t seem moving forward at all now.  And so, there’s an incredible dynamic going on here and He turns to the woman who presses through and He says when He say her…she said, If only I may touch His garment I shall be made well, and when He felt that, you know one version it says virtue came out of Him… He said, Be of good cheer, Daughter, your faith has made you well.  And the woman was made well from that hour.  When Jesus came on, He kept moving on toward the new.  When Jesus came into the ruler’s house and saw the flute players and the noisy crowd wailing, He said to them, Make room.  Just say that out loud; speak to Minnesota.  Make room Minnesota.  The Lord’s coming in.  It doesn’t matter what death is here, the Lord’s coming in. It doesn’t matter what’s been stopped here, the Lord’s coming in.  Notice what He did.  They’re in there, they’re wailing.  He said, make room, the girl’s not dead…and look what He changed.  He said, there’s the flute players and the noisy crowd, He said, now wait a minute… that sound might be alright but it’s not right for this situation.  I’m going to make a shift here.  And so He said, let Me remove the sound that is going on in the atmosphere, make room for Me to do this new thing, and then He said, for this girl’s not dead, she’s only sleeping.  And, of course, they ridiculed Him.  You’ve always got that element that will ridicule.  But when the crowd was put outside, He went in, took her by the hand and the girl arose and the report of this went out all over the land.  There’s something that God is doing right now in Minneapolis, in Minnesota, that the enemy has contended with everything he’s got.  Because he knows you’re on the verge of breaking through in this state in a way that the whole state will shake.  He knows that there’s some new things rising up to be embraced in the state, and he knows that there’s some that have been striving for the last 12 years pressing through and it’s time for them to press through and have a completion of what they’ve been pressing through in, so He says, I’m ready for the two to connect.  I’m ready for those that’s been striving for 12 years to press through.  And I’m ready for things that are now new to rise up, and I’m going to create a new wineskin in the state, for it’s these two by faith that I’m going to start linking together in new worship dimensions throughout this state.  Those that are ready to press on in, and those that are ready to rise up and move forward.  Now, I’m telling you, it’s a new thing.  It will shift at this time.  There will be an anointing He releases in the work place, in the government, in the military, in the legal system.  There’s an anointing He will release in the education system.  You’re on the verge of pressing in to what He’s doing today so Minnesota gets unlocked and it be seen all over this land that it’s being unlocked.  Matter of fact, I believe this thing with this Episcopal priest and, even though it’s not even being applied here fully, the issue is to put a reproach on what’s going on in Minnesota.  Don’t buy into that.  Just where people say, Look what Minnesota did, and it’s not Minnesota.  Now let me say to you, God is ready to press through.

Now, let’s end with this.  Look at Zechariah chapter 1.  Then I want to prophesy what the Lord showed me for this state.  It’s time, in other words, for a pressing through and a connection of generations like never before.  So, I hear the Spirit of God saying this, Rick to you as you’re gathering, and Steering Committee and you’re gathering people, gather those that have experienced My Spirit that’s still waiting for a full manifestation.  Draw them in.  Have a holy, not just a Holy Spirit meeting for renewal, but a Holy Spirit leadership meeting that says we are ready to see things be completed.  

Gather them together.  Tell them it’s time to press fully in.  Gather the young people that are rising up.  Bring together in a meeting these generations.  Call it a generational meeting and say, it is time, it is time for a connection and the fullness of My purposes to come forth in this state.  It’s time.  

Now, here in Zechariah.  Zechariah was a visionary.  He was a restorative prophet.  He had visions.  He saw things.  And in When God Speaks back there, I explain the difference between a vision and a dream and how to process visions, and what to do with them when you have them.  And, here, he has this vision of horns.  Now, it’s an interesting vision that’s going on here.  Actually, it’s a vision of kingdoms, or structures, in the midst of God’s covenant plan that have arisen to stop God’s covenant plan.  And when I was flying in here, I didn’t really understand what God was doing, but He quickened the number 4 to me.  And so I went and started looking through various passages.  I got to the Lazarus passage where Lazarus was in the ground 4 days and then he arose.  Everybody say, Lazarus, come forth.  I mean, Lasaruz was good and dead.  That’s the only instance of 4 days in the grave as opposed to 3 days.  Because actually, the Jewish people, in Hebraic culture, they believe the spirit and the body could reconnect up to 3 days, but they didn’t believe that after 4.  And so, that was why Jesus waited so it would be known, this fellow was good and dead.  And then notice, Jesus expressed an emotion of weeping.  He couldn’t have wept if the Father hadn’t been weeping over the unbelief of the people.  And then He displayed the glory of God that really shook things.  But, really, when I got to this passage the Spirit of God began to quicken it to me.  Verse 18 of Zechariah 1, and he said:  ΑI raised my eyes and there were 4 horns.≅  Now that’s important because these horns were structures resisting and standing against God’s plan.  And the Spirit of God said, I wanted to move mightily 12 years ago in this state.  I had a plan to break this state open and let it be the revival state that would even produce revival throughout this land where many would come from east and come from west, right here in the center to experience the revival of double portion in Minneapolis and St. Paul that I had planned.  But there was resistance and structures have arisen, 4 structures that have resisted the move that I wanted to bring and I long to bring.  When right at the time for breakthrough something would arise and stop the movement.  I don’t know if that’s government…you’ll know what it is when you look back.  Some of you that do spiritual mapping and really understand the history of the church in this area.  But then, this angel talked with me, he said, and he said, Αwhat are these, so he answered me, these are the horns that have scattered Judah, Israel and Jerusalem.  One way that you sense a curse in operation is the power of scattering.  In other words, you’re right ready to breakthrough, you’re coming together and then things get scattered.  That’s how you detect a curse in your family, where there’s scattering that occurs.  Covenant breaking.  Apathy.  Something that division penetrates in with, that stops what God’s doing.  A structure.  


Then the Lord showed me four craftsman.  Now this is the same word that’s used as master builder in Ephesians.  Apostolic leadership.  Whether it be, and I want to say this clearly, whether it be in government, work place, church leadership, or in the field of education, God has apostolic authority to bring change and reformation, and He might just chose the government of a state to do that with.  Because, when I was here last May, God so specifically said, I will change the government of this state.  It will be seen nationally.  It will be done, it will have a complete change in it, so that I can move forward and bring revival in this state.  Now that’s recorded in your prophetic history.  And we know the changes that began to come.  Those were God changes, because He’s doing something else.  So, really, it says, I will raise up four craftsman.  What are these coming to do?  So, He said, these are the horns that scattered Judah, so that no one can lift up his head, but the craftsman are coming to terrify them.  And the Lord said, I’m going to work and raise up four key leaders in this particular state in the government that is going to terrify the enemy’s plan that is arising in this state.  He said, I’m going to bring them together; I’m going to move them into place; and there will be a unifying anointing, and where the enemy has evened moved in and separated and scattered, there will such a unity in My Body that arises when these four leaders come together.  There will be no question that it is Me doing this.  And then I’m going to start sweeping as a sign all across this state.  Now, He said they’ll terrify them.  They’ll cast the horns out of the nations that lifted up their horn against the land of Judah to scatter it.  And then the Lord said this:  I’m going to bring great change in the worship of this state.  I’m going to move in worship meetings.  And I heard Him very clearly say, to shift the dynamic of worship, there will be a worship gathering in St. Paul with intercessors worshiping for thirty days in St. Paul, then government will shift.  He said, then there will be a shift and there will be a thirty day worship in Minneapolis where intercessors and leaders are worshiping together in Minneapolis, and when that occurs, money and wealth and economics will shift.  He said, then there will be two other worship gatherings that is determined in this state, and there will be a hundred and twenty days of worship in this state in the next coming year, and it will cause that which I am brooding over in this state to come into fullness.  The Lord says, I will shift the worship in Minnesota and by shifting the worship in Minnesota, drawing My people together four times in this state to worship, I will begin to change and break down the strategy and structure that has stopped My move of God in the past and the move of God will be so released that it will begin to flow unprecedented in this state and sweep down and Kansas will be revived from what happens in Minnesota.  

Missouri will be experience an anointing that is coming out of Minnesota.  Louisiana, the power of witchcraft will be addressed in Louisiana and there will be great repentance because of what is coming out of Minnesota.  The Lord said, I am ready to move, and Ohio will know I have moved, and I will flood across Ohio because of what I do in Minnesota.  The Lord says, this is a new day.  I’m raising up new leaders for the future.  I’m causing some that have been striving to go ahead and press through.  I’m uniting the two.  There’s a new sound coming forth.  There’s a new generation arising.  And, I want to say this.  If you’re thirty or below stand up very quickly.  That’s a good group in here.  Now, turn around, point your hands at these.  These are going to begin to develop a sound of worship.  There’s going to be worship leading within them.  There’s going to be revelation within them.  There’s evangelism within them.  And God says, you’re just going to move forward with a new boldness.  The Lord says, understand My apostolic move today, for I am connecting you with the apostolic maturing leaders that are rising up.  I’m going to cause you to start moving forward in a whole new way.  I’m going to anoint you.  I’m going to break forth in you.  You will be…everyone that rises in this place in this of worship will be leading thirty, sixty and a hundred to Me, saith the Lord.  I am anointing you for evangelism.  I’m breaking you forth now.  Be bold and go forth, saith the Lord.  

The Lord says this is a new day.  It’s a new way in Minnesota.  The shift is upon you.  Rise up and awaken or press through and be healed.  Whichever one applies to you, rise and awaken, press through and be healed.  It’s a new day.  I’m raising up a worshiping, powerful remnant and what has been stopped will now begin again, saith the Lord.  

Now, Father, right now I break the power of hope deferred that has rested on this land over the last twelve years.  Lord, I loose a pressing forth, healing anointing in these with their hands up.  

There’s a release of vision across this state.  New vision.  New anointing.  New revelation.  New strength.  New joy.  New hope.  New faith.  Freshness.  Lord, we receive that freshness of You all across Minnesota.  Now, let’s just stand and worship and let the Spirit of God come down on us.  



Instructions Chuck gave us in 2003 at the State Tour conference that we should review.

There is a religious deception that came in Minnesota at some point that allowed the vote of the Episcopal convention to take place here; that would put someone into the government of the church in our nation that is twisted in his understanding of God and who misrepresents the character of God.

There has to be a shifting in this state where God visits Minnesota to cleanse the land of its defilement:

  1. Go to the mouth and the beginning of the headwaters
  1. Cry out for the Spirit of God to come for reality of worship to sweep in here across this state and for the headwaters of the rivers of this state to begin to carry the power of the Holy Spirit down them for harvest to come to this land.
  1. As a state, we are responsible to bring revival back to the government of the church of this land because from this place the government of the church is being twisted.
  1. Unite our faith and say we will not back up but we will go forward and we will see change in this entire nation. We are already a state changing the outlook and the government and the moral structure of society in America.
  1. Therefore, we will be responsible to bring a greater change of the Spirit of God into this land. We are a chosen people for such a time as this.
  1. We have been appointed as the state of this nation to bring change to the government of this land. There is conflict over us but God’s kingdom will rule in this state.
  1. God is about to bring a reality of worship into Minnesota that we have never known before. He is about to sweep this state with worship and the religious thrones that have been erected in this state are going to fall one by one.
Call to the Wall