Barbara Yoder / September 16, 2004 / Threshing Floor Conference

Threshing Floor Conference/2004


Sept. 16-18, 2004
Barbara Yoder

Barbara Yoder

The Bible says that we are called to be salt and light. God is doing something new in Minnesota. I want to say that again. God is doing something new in Minnesota. We declare it in the heavens. God is doing something new in Minnesota. We declare it before the powers and the principalities. God is doing something in Minnesota. We declare it before the angels who will take the word and carry it. God is doing something new in Minnesota. It will astound the nation. It will astound the state. It will astound some political leaders. God is doing something new in Minnesota. Worship has created a place of sacrifice where a whole new dynamic can begin to be set in place.

But see, that is why there has been a war over apostles and prophets. You know we don’t want apostles. We don’t want prophets. It’s not about titles. It’s not about anything like that. It’s about a function. It‘s about apostles and prophets give their lives to release the heart, the plans, the strategy of God and they have shut down the prophetic voice in Europe. I believe we have got to say to Minnesota, awaken the prophetic voice. Awaken the prophets. You know we need to begin to say, We say to the heaven and to the angels awaken the prophets in Minnesota. Because I believe in every state in this nation that we need state prophets. We need city prophets. And I say awaken the prophets who are key and the apostles who are key in seeing the unseen realm. 

Hear me, you were chosen. You were chosen with the glory inside of you. That glory was deposited in you before the foundations of the world. There was a sea of the glory of God, a piece of the manifestation of His very self that He wants to release in and through you, that will make a statement to your family, make a statement to your neighborhood, make a statement to your church, make a statement to your city, make a statement to your state, make a statement that there is a piece of God’s glory that he has deposited in everyone of you and He is saying guard your heart because the glory is in your heart. It’s in your heart. There is something that you are on the verge of and the Lord is saying, Guard your heart so that you will not get crusty and see beyond the seen to the unseen world.

* * * * *

Thursday evening, Sept. 16 – Barbara Yoder

For those of you that weren’t here this afternoon, I was saying that I was literally really taken aback at the level of the open heaven over Minnesota. That Minnesota traditionally has been a very difficult place. It’s been a hard place. But there is an open heaven. I was in my room and the presence of God just came right down on me. That is very unusual in Minnesota. You can’t even hardly find God in Minnesota traditionally. I don’t mean that judgmentally. God is doing something all over the nation. I’m not saying. Forgive me…. How many know that in so many of our states, we could find religion, but we couldn’t find the presence of the Lord? There’s a difference. Religion will kill. The presence of the Lord will bring back to life. Sometimes we can have both operating in us and not even know it.

* * * * *

I had prophesied over in Ann Arbor, not even knowing what Cindy prophesied, that there was going to be a revival that broke out in that area in Bemidji, Minnesota that was going to affect the whole state.

* * * * *

What I want to tell you tonight is what I believe God is saying to the state of Minnesota.  I just want to tell you,  you have been doing an incredible job with worship. I just loved it. What I look for is the presence of God because what you need to know… What defines us as being different than any other group is the presence. That when people encounter us, they should encounter the presence. That when they meet us, they should meet the presence. It was in one scripture…

There’s an ability within the apostolic church to understand and to apprehend finances. I believe that Minnesota is going to be one of the key states that forges the way in this process.

* * * * *

I want you to write down Psalm 68. I’m not going to go over it, but I want you to read it later. I believe there’s a way that Psalm 68 pertains to Minnesota this year.

* * * * *

What does fire do? Fire burns up the chaff. And then it says His winnowing fan is in His hand and He will thoroughly cleanse out His threshing floor. God is coming to Minnesota this year and part of what the winnowing fan represents is a spirit of judgment from the Lord on His enemies. Not on the church but on His enemies and part of the authority of the apostolic church is to begin to judge. In Psalm 122:5 and Isaiah 16:5, it says thrones are set for judgment even the thrones of the House of David. That we are to analyze. We are to evaluate, that’s what the word judge means and then we are to pass a verdict on what we analyze and judge. Not out of our flesh but out of the heart of God. I believe, and what I’m saying here, what this means is God is putting a new specter of authority in your hand and I believe that those things that are not finished yet are going to be even come into more completion.

* * * * *

Elk River is entering a season of multiplication. Unusual multiplication and business strategies. There’s a new authority that’s coming on you. You’ve had authority but there’s a new authority for this season because the winnowing fan started yesterday. And you’re going to see areas and places that need to be judged.

The spirit in Mankato needs to be judged and it needs to be broken. And God is giving you fresh authority in this season and the Lord says you will enter a new season of empowering and there will be times when I will awaken you in the middle of the night with a dream, with a vision and that you will know My presence in a way that you haven’t even known it in the past. You’ve known it but not in this dimension.

For the Lord said, not only am I coming in the north but I’m coming in the south. I am coming through the rivers. I am coming up out of the lakes. That Leviathan thought he had this state that all the powers that the Buddhist dropped into the thing, the rivers and the lakes, they thought that the powers had Minnesota but the Lord would say that there is a new presence arising out of Minnesota and I will sweep across this state with My winds and think the weather patterns not unusual and pay attention to where the wind blows and where the river rises because the Lord says in one instance I am blowing away the old and blowing in the new. And the Lord says in the instance of the river rising I am getting ready to overtake those areas for the Lord said, there shall be revival along the waterways.

There shall be revival along the in the Red River Valley. There shall be revival from the headwaters of the Mississippi that extends all the way down to New Orleans that I am initiating something in this state that would you not think that God would take a Scandinavian people and turn them into a passionate worshippers of Me. Because would that not be miraculous. Would that not be a sign and a wonder?

So the Lord said, I am going to initiate even in Minnesota and I am causing an all new presence to arise out of here and even tonight there is a new strength that is entering you. That there is new steel that is going through your backbone. The Lord said you will not bend you will not bow in the next season for you wondered in this last season if you would make it but the Lord said Take a big deep breath because you made it and now I am putting a rod of steel down your back for the Lord said  I have put a new ability to endure in you and I have given you the courage in faces of adversity.

And the Lord said courage will get you through anything. And the Lord said I am putting a new courage in you. You will not back down. You will not sit down. You will not lie down. But the Lord said you will stand up and not only will you stand up but you will advance and you will break through and Baal-perazim will strike from Bemidji and there shall be a breakthrough of many water from Bemidji down and so fear not the days ahead for the Lord said you are entering the days of My presence and you are entering the outbreaking of the Holy Spirit in miraculous signs and wonders. This is a beginning of the new day. Shout to the Lord.

* * * * *

God gave me a vision of Minnesota. This is a new day. It’s like yesterday He wiped away the old. This has been a very difficult year. He is dropping a new grace on you. With it is going to be new wisdom, prophetic wisdom, insight, revelation and I believe it’s only going to increase because He wants to give you back this territory. He wants to give you back this state. He wants to give you the land of lakes.

* * * * *

Because I’m going to tell you, Minnesota is going to be in the middle of the revival.

It’s not going to be at the tail end of the revival.

There’s going to be an invasion of the presence of the Lord in Minnesota.

God’s going to cut the toes of man off in Mankato. God is going to visit Mankato.

There’s going to be a cleansing and then a revival in Mankato.

I prophesied about Bemidji in Ann Arbor.

Pipestone they’re going to smoke the peace pipe again. That there’s going to be a reconciliatory time in Pipestone.

That the Red River that there is going to be a flow of repentance all down the Red River. Watch the cities, towns on the Red River because God is going to visit the Red River Valley.

God is going to flow down from the north but He is also going to simultaneously do something in the south.

That when I was in the presence of the Lord, I saw a Lutheran church in the Minneapolis area that literally God was going to overtake that leader and there was going to break out a tremendous presence of God and a tremendous overtaking of that church and it would begin to then break out across the cities, the two cities from that point.

Because Leviathan is dealt with, St. Paul and Minneapolis can’t be divided any more. That St. Paul and Minneapolis need to join hands and God is going to do something great.

I remember in the 1970’s coming to St. Paul and being in a meeting of the Catholic Charismatic a powerful, It was some gymnasium that was filled with 3 or 4 thousand people and the Lord said that isn’t anything compared with what I’m getting ready to happen for there is coming such a presence of God in this territory that you are not even going to be able to contain it.

That I believe that there is going to be revival started in corporations in this place because see the winds began yesterday. They heralded the coming of the new time. They are blowing certain things away and they’re blowing in new things. They’re blowing away doubt and unbelief. They’re blowing away, hear me, the weariness and fatigue of the battle in this past season.

Some of you are so battle weary that you are on the verge of burnout but God is just blowing a fresh wind. Don’t freak out. Don’t panic. Don’t take valium. Lift up your hands and worship.

* * * * *

There is going to be a further uncovering of corruption because God is also cleansing. Remember

He said He has brought the wind to the threshing floor. And so,

He has some cleansing yet to do so don’t be surprised.

If people won’t turn, He will uncover them. And so,

don’t be surprised at the uncovering that is going to happen because

as the pressure intensifies, if people won’t change, it will bring out what is in them. I believe that

there is going to be a further purifying of the government as you continue to pray for the government,

God is going to uncover….There are still a couple pockets of corruption.

There is underhanded dealing in this state and people are making deals behind closed doors and

God is going to uncover it as you continue to pray because they are against God’s anointed and

there’s a Jezebel spirit and anti-Christ spirit that is fueling it to literally steal your anointing that

will steal your vineyard, your inheritance but the Lord said

stand and go all the way through because this will be a day that as you do not stop part way but

as you go all the way you will see the job accomplished.

It will be finished. It will be done. It will come to completion.

So we’re entering a new day. We’re entering a new door.

The Lord said the wheat has already begun to grow . . . .

* * * * *

. . . I’d be praying for Minnesota getting ready to come here and I just kept seeing this green field.

. . . Well the Lord said the wheat has already begun to grow. And it’s a picture of the fact that Minnesota has taken root and is going to grow even at a time when it doesn’t look like it would be that way. But the Lord said it’s going to grow out of season, out of timing and it has started now and you are beginning already to see the shoots spring up. So the Lord would say to Minnesota, Well done My good and faithful servant. For you are entering the beginning of the growth of the harvest that you shall gather in the spring.

* * * * *

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