Betsy Moeller / October 23-25, 2013 / Worship at the River

Worship at the River

October 23-25, 2013
Betsy Moeller

Betsy Moeller







10-23 Wednesday am – Oak Hills Bible College, Bemidji, MN   

Betsy Moeller, SDAPN –

As a native sister made mention that the meeting looked like a POW WOW, I asked the Father what He would say about this.

P O W  W O W

It has been the enemy’s plan to keep  Prisoners  Of  War  and  – Wipe Out the Warriors


P lumbline   Of   W orship  as  Weapon  Of  Warfare  I will use to

Pulverize Occult  Weaponry  by My Warriors Of Worship


10-24 Thursday am – at the most northern point of the Mississippi river in the Bemidji, MN area

I saw a very large angel standing over the Mississippi river.  He was so large that I only saw his lower torso, and did not even see his face.  He easily could straddle each side of the river with his legs and feet.  The spirit said, “This is a continental angel.”  

10-25 Friday evening at the Worship Congress in Minneapolis, MN – this same angel appeared again.  He was so large that again I only saw his lower torso wearing a white robe and a golden sash around his waist.  Again a knowing within my spirit said, “This is a continental angel.”   


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