CathyJo Severson / July 10, 2007 / Cancer Free Zone

Cancer Free Zone

Jubilee Worship Center, St. Cloud MN


July 10, 2007
CathyJo Severson

CathyJo Severson“I WANT Minnesota to be a Cancer Free Zone”:  March 25th, 2007   Minnesota is called to be a place of healing.  God wants us in Minnesota and at Jubilee to steward healing virtues.  I see a warehouse in heaven marked for the people of Minnesota. From that storehouse He will be giving us body parts and more. St. Cloud sits on the Mississippi and is located at the top of what is known as “Medical alley”.  St. Cloud is on the northwestern end and Rochester is at the southeastern end of Medical Alley. St. Cloud’s destiny is to be a place of healing.

At the top of this state are the headwaters –  Living Waters of Revival will flow (Baudette is strategic)

St. Cloud is on the Mississippi and in the strategic place to be impacted by that great outpouring.  We need to position ourselves in faith to capture that revival as it is carried on down in the current of God. I see people coming here, Minnesota and Jubilee for healing.  I see the map of Minn. Outstretched before me and people crossing over its borders and receiving their healing!

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