Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Jim Sky / November 13-14, 2015 / Jubilee Conference

Jubilee Conference 2015
Duluth Minnesota


November 13-14, 2015
Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Jim Sky

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Chuck Pierce –
And the Lord would say, I have come to pierce your ear again in this state. I have come to realign you with Me, saith the Lord. I say that by the piercing of your ear, I am designating that you belong to me (and that is why they do it Biblically-Pierce the ear.) I say as a sign, I have realigned you and you are no longer slaves to the ruling forces that were controlling the people of this region, but now you will hear and become one that serves me and a state that serves me and impacts this nation.

I say to you I have brought you to Duluth because I am giving you an authority in this city to stop the move of the blowing of the witchcraft that has blown across this state. I say beginning this weekend I am capturing the structure of witchcraft that has operated through my people and stopped my movement and I say because you have gathered; witchcraft will have no longer rule in this state.


I say to you the witching winds of the past now will not have the authority to control the movement of my people.


And I say to you the treasures that have fallen and been hidden over the last 40 years, I say to you tonight I start causing those treasures and those resources that have been held up to rise up, and I say out of Minnesota there will come effecting change that will affect the resource of this entire nation. I say to you this is the beginning of my glory coming in and beginning to be the band around the waist of this state. I say the belt of truth now that has longed to rise up and be seen in Minnesota will now rise up and be seen.


I say the pulpits of this state will begin to come alive in a new way. The Word of God will come alive and be spoken in a new way. And I say to you the gatherings and the sound of the waters and the wind that have been held up and stopped in past seasons will now begin to come forth, surround this state, and this state that is filled with lakes will flood my glory down across this nation, saith the Lord. I say to you get ready for I will deliver you in a new way, and your sons and your daughters will begin to prophesy. This is the beginning here in Duluth of breaking open the gate that will cause a movement that floods through a state and then floods down into a nation.


I repeat.  No longer will the witchcraft that has held captive this state. No longer be able to capture this people any longer.


I say to Duluth get ready for your gate will be opened and a highway will come through that gate that restores the covenant power that has been rejected. And I say to you make way, for my people will be coming from the North through your gate and will find their way throughout this nation and back to my land. I say to you this night Minnesota has now shifted under my rule. (Shofar Blown)


Dutch Sheets –
Understand the power of DECREE. Pulling out of spiritual realm and into natural realm the prophetic declarations. Father, thank you for the NOW window you have created and brought us to, because we are at the threshold.


We are at a kairos moment, but we are at the Horas (the right time.) Not just the opportune time, but the right moment of time to pull a state through a window of opportunity into a new season.
You have been saying prophetically…the gates are open, I have heard it 2 or 3 times tonight, the gates are open, the gates are open, the gates are open.


So we DECREE the gates are open. The gates of glory are open for the King of Glory to come in and the gates are open for the church in this state to come forth, and the two to meet in that spiritual dimension where the ekklesia can rise to its full potential. That the church, the legislative government of God in the earth can begin to take on its full Kingdom expression in Minnesota, and the prophet just said “for the nation”


So we DECREE that the church is arising to its new position with Jesus and Revelation of apostolic order and prophetic authority and prophetic revelation That which has been DECREED tonight by leaders has been received by heaven and so we say “Come forth through the gate into that new place of apostolic wisdom and prophetic revelation Minnesota.”


Ekklesia come to the fullness of five-fold expression, come to the fullness of five-fold government, come to the fullness because even as you have come into that expression you have not yet come to fullness. So come forth now in fullness. You are free now to come into the next level of your maturity. You are free now to become the wineskin that he has been preparing you to be. You are free to step into the season of full government.


So we say those ears that are adorned with the earring of heaven will now hear more clearly than they have ever heard before. And the prophetic eyes will see more clearly… in fact we just DECREE over the apostolic and prophetic remnant of Minnesota “You will see more clearly, that you will hear more clearly, than you have ever seen or heard before. You will from this night forth move into a new season of revelation, so that you can move into a new season of declaration. And you can move into a new season of performance for this is the season of not just hearing, this is the season of doing. So you will not go just to a new season of hearing, you will go to a new season of doing.

MN Map Apostolic Centers
And the apostolic centers will begin to emerge from hearing, seeing and doing. From the hearing, seeing and doing.


From the hearing seeing and doing will come forth fresh expressions of apostolic anointing, which will influence not just the church, but business and government and education and the very culture of this state will begin to shift and indeed the throne of iniquity will be torn down from this place and the veil of glory will begin to shine more brightly than it has ever shown before.


So THIS night the Lord says, from this night, from this night, from this night. And so we say the four winds of heaven that we heard about are blowing forming a vortex of tornadic activity of the four winds of heaven. For the four winds of Ezekiel will blow upon the dry winds, they have already blown upon the dry winds they will now cause these bones not just to live but to begin to become the army that has never yet been seen in this region. The army that is now coming forth will be the four wind army. And I do not even know what that means but the four wind army, sealed with the fullness of the breath of heaven.


Chuck Pierce
The Lord said this would be the beginning of opening this gate and you will have charge of the winds that blow across this land. I say the army that is arising even here tonight… you say “but we seem feeble and we seem weak,” The Lord said you have authority within your bones to prophesy. And there has been an unlocking tonight of the prophetic unction. And I say from this gate the army begins to move, and from this gate a wind begins to blow that changes the course of the entire nation.


I say from this port city there is now an unlocking that has never been unlocked in this nation and you will see great change as the army across this land receives the wind that you sent forth from this city.


Dutch Sheets
We just say, we heard you say through the prophet, Lord, that witchcraft would be broken over this state. That’s appropriate, because as the threshing floor, we say that the wind of heaven and the fire of God and the work of God is now dealing with chaff and is now going to thresh witchcraft out of the state of Minnesota and it will even become a place from which intercession will be released for the nation to bring witchcraft even out of Washington D.C.


For you will send teams to thresh in Washington. You will break the witchcraft structures for they will not stand and they will not be torn down because of intense effort, the Lord says they will be torn down because of the expression of my apostolic authority, and the release of my prophetic mantle can now come forth and that is what will release the word and the authority needed to break the witchcraft structure.


So the worship will carry you into the heavens but the apostolic DECREES will be made from there. And the prophetic DECREES will be made from there, and you will see witchcraft dismantled in this region and the religious spirit married to the witchcraft will be broken for the two-fold alliance of witchcraft and religion has caused this stronghold to be there. But I say to you it is being dismantled from this day forth.


Chuck Pierce
So I say that you have moved here in the center and opened up the gate of this port. An ancient gate that has been held shut. I say now that which is up North that has been ruling and flowing down and controlling, I say it will now be blocked here because of the glory that will come across the center of this state.


I say that which is down south will begin to shake in a way that it has never shaken before. And then I say the glory through this gate will spread throughout the rivers of this state and spread all through the center of this nation. (Shofar blown)


Dutch Sheets
Lord I heard you say through the prophet that you were realigning time. That is a phrase that just grabbed hold of me and I didn’t even know if I understood it, but


I DECREE that …
• time is not just being caught up to but made up for and that
• time is being realigned and
• that which has been held back,
• that which has been unable to step into the fullness of time
• is now being corrected by the Spirit of God so that
• the time of heaven and time on earth are now being married into an alignment and (Kartiszo)
• realignment, reconnected and
• so heaven can impact earth and earth can receive heaven and
• the two can march together in the timing of the Lord.
• So Minnesota comes into its appointed time, and
• Minnesota comes into its fruitful time and
• Minnesota is not late, and
• Minnesota is not behind, because
• Minnesota was behind but Minnesota is no longer behind and
• Minnesota is not trying to play catch-up because
• God has realigned you into time and caught you up with time and
• now you are in the now time.
• And you can move forward knowing that you do not have to panic and
• you don’t have to be in a hurry.
• You are now in time.
• You are now aligned with His time, so
• you can rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you
• and the band of glory is now here
• and the band of light is now here
• and the band of light is now disbanding darkness.
• You can expect the band to get brighter and you can expand it,
• the Spirit of the Lord says, through this worship. You will expand the band.
• You will expand the band of my glory and
• it will go from the center to the North and
• it will go from the center to the South and
• the band will expand until the rising of the glory will be so bright in this state that
• you will be known as a glory state.


Jim Sky –
As they were prophesying this thing came to me that happened years ago about the trail of tears. It was a sorrowful time. But as Chuck and Dutch were speaking, I see the trail coming out of the North and it was a trail of triumph, a trail of joy that is coming down to the place of Glory. So the Lord is saying “Get ready, get ready to receive my own sayeth the Lord.”


Chuck Pierce –
This stake is to be pushed at the gate of this particular city, and DECREE that it is opened up for the Glory to come and the center move of God that will come from the center of this state will start stirring and flood in, and every iniquity up North, and down South once this is staked into Duluth will start shaking in this state. Father we loose it now, and we say “let the shaking begin and let the glory begin to come down.”

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