Chuck Pierce / March 1, 2014 / Turn and Build a New Altar of Worship

Turn and Build a New Altar of Worship


March 01, 2014 – Corinth, TX –
Chuck Pierce

chuck pierce
So I say to you this will be a time that I put My Eye down on the Northeast. And I say even a year from this day things will change greatly upon you. For this is your year to turn back to Me saith the Lord. I say this word that is coming forth is for you New York.

I say to you, I say turn and allow Me to move through your state. I say turn and come before Me with worship, come before Me and repent of your divisions. I say turn and come back in a new way for this is a time that I will cause New York to shake again. And in these shakings I say to you the whole Northeast will shake.  So I say to you, to My People who are seeking Me, seek Me that I might come with power and begin to go North.

I say to every state go to the Northern most part of your state. I say to every Nation go to the Northern most part of your Nation and begin to worship Me over these next several months. And in worshipping Me I say to you, you will cause a new altar to be built that will cause Me to come.

I say to you in Texas allow revival to sweep through you and allow it to come through Missouri and go North and overtake New York saith the Lord. And I say to you that mess you’ve been in now can become the beginning of a new ministry in your life. I say to you, turn now and watch Me explode your ministry in the future!

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