Cindy Jacobs / September 29, 2011 / Region 8 Summit / MN Many Nations…My Nation

North Central, Region 8
Intercessors Summit


September 29, 2011
Cindy Jacobs

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The Lord said – “What is the acronym for Minnesota?  

I said “MN”

He said, “That’s right!  Many Nations!” and He took me to Psalm 2.

“Why do the Nations rage?” Oh, can you feel the anointing of God on this?  “And the people plot a vain thing?” Are the people plotting vain things?  Absolutely  “And the King of the earth set themselves against . . . and the rulers take council against the anointed saying – “Let us break their bonds in pieces.”  Are the rulers taking council against the Lord’s anointed?  Absolutely! Does the word not say, “Touch not my anointed?”

Let us break their bonds in pieces and let us cast away their cords. The cords are the Word of God. The roots of this Nation.  The foundations of those who put one nation under God.

God is going to do something.  Give us double portion in our Generation.  Because we are a generation under fire that if we will rise up God is going to give us authority over what is arising in this land.

And it says – “He who sits in the heaven shall laugh.  The Lord shall hole them in derision.  Then he shall speak to them in is wrath and address them in his deep pleasure. Not human beings – but the powers of darkness.  Invisible structures.

Yet – I have set my King on my Holy Hill of Zion. I will decree the decree “The Lord will say you are my son – today I have begotten you.”

Ask of me and I will give you Minnesota!  The nations for your inheritance and the ends of the earth for your possession.   You shall break them with a rod of iron.  You shall dash them to pieces like a potters vessel.

There is something else that MN represents – MY NATION!
The Lord says  “This is MY NATION!”    I want you to give the leaders of Minnesota a charge.

Thus sayeth the Lord – “Am I not calling you to be a tipping point?  Am I not giving you the anointing to make America MY NATION?  Have I not put my hands upon you at this time – at this juncture? Will I not give you the strength?

Will I not give you the anointing?
Will I not give you the plan?
Will I not show you what to do? Says the Lord.
Will I not raise up an army?
Will I not anoint even the pastors of this state to be a voice, to take a stand?
Will I not anoint the legislatures of this state?

For the Lord says: “I am going to give your voice a weight,  I am giving it a weight even now!
And if you will take a stand and stand together with the intercessors and join hands – I will cause you to be a voice to be a nation . . . I am going to give you a sound.
I am going to do extraordinary things . . . things that you would not believe.
Even I have told you “Look among the Nations and be astonished!”
For I will do a work that you would not believe.
Do we trust the Lord – He can help us to make up for lost time.

The Lord showed me that there will be a mission’s movement that will come from Minnesota and even from the region. They’re not only going to be an anointing for the Nations of the earth to go out . . .  There is going to be a great revival among the Somali’s, among the Hmong people . . . among the Ethiopians

The Lord showed me that he has whistled from the end of the earth and called them here. And that he is going to save them.  That means that he’s going to anoint this city.  The anointing of God is beyond belief.

Listen – this is not dualism – this is not the ‘yin and yang’.  God is not Great one moment and the next the devil wins.  He is just waiting for us to believe it.  He is just waiting for us to give Him some Faith Fuel.  He is just waiting for the church to be the church. I believe that the church in this state, and in this region . . .

You Are God’s secret weapon!  Is their faith in this generation?
Is their faith in this generation?   (shouts)
Remember – we broke that Jante Loven thing.
The Minnesota nice thing!

The Fire is coming from the North.  The Fire of God.
He who sits on the circle of the earth shall laugh in derision.  Are you getting this?  

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