Cindy & Mike Jacobs / April 30-May 1, 2014 / Duluth-Superior Twin Ports Convergence

Duluth/Superior Twin Ports Convergence


April 30-May 1, 2014
Cindy & Mike Jacob’s

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4/30 Wednesday Evening Meeting

  1. Word of the Lord for Duluth from Sam Bransfield: (Display of His Glory is the title.) “Duluth is the place that the glory of God is going to roll down I-35.   It would be like an avalanche of His glory that we have never seen. We are crossing over our Jordan like a rolling tide & the ark of the Covenant is going to go before us—this is His Glory.”
  2. The Lord says I’m getting ready to push the RESET button for this state.” Cindy responds: “Many have been discouraged & felt like—where are the promises of God for us? How long before we become the Revival State?  God is getting ready to do something and it is going to happen—to let some things go in the frozen past & lose some new things.   You are going to be a Revival State! God Is getting ready to come!”
  3. The Lord says, “My Word will not be delayed any more. The momentum that was seemingly lost will be gained by a double-portion. I am bringing you into a full circle season. God is going to bring a holiness movement alongside, and there is going to be young Evangelists—who are going to be Holiness preachers, preaching purity, holiness, and are going to affect our high schools, universities, colleges, little children are going to prophesy. God is raising up a generation unlike any generation we have ever seen—I will have faith in the earth, and your sons & daughters will prophesy. It is happening.”
  4. The Lord says, “Get ready to pray along I-61, for I am getting ready to loose my glory from Isaiah 61 into Hwy. 61, says God. I’m not going to stop at the borders because I know no borders. I am going to pour out my glory upon Canada. I’m going to visit the Canadians, says the Lord, & I am coming to move in a way greater than you can imagine and greater than you can dream. “
  5. The Lord says: ( In this year of the Door, Minnesota being the Threshing floor state) “The threshing floor barns had double doors & they were made for harvest.   The double doors were meant to allow in the wind that would take away the chaff when it was winnowed. “ That is what God is doing right now. We are going to thresh, and when we are finished threshing, the Lord of the Harvest is coming. This is the year of a tremendous harvest of souls is going to begin. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit—(the people in the Jesus People Movement are meant to display the glory) with manifestations of His love for the poor, the lost and the sick. This is a justice state, taking care of the needy & the poor.

The Lord spoke to Cindy: Isa. 60, the double doors–it is Canada & the US; + release of wealth.

  1. The Lord says to Wisconsin: “I have given you the Daniel anointing, I am going to cause you to overthrow corruption, not only in your state, but many other states, I am getting ready to turn some things that aren’t going to be believed, even the economy of WI, is going to turn & begin to thrive. I am going to breathe upon the Harvest, the physical land, & people are going to say, What is happening? There is oil that is going to be discovered. I am going to start giving of the riches of the deposits of the land. I am going to open up the wealth & the treasure of the land of WI, breathe upon you, and beautify in a way you can’t imagine, and increase the tourism. It is as if I am going to whistle and many are going to come, for I love the state of WI and I am going to use you to glorify my Name,” says the Lord.

Thursday Morning Session 5/1

  1. The Lord says: “The glory is going to come down I-35 like liquid fire.”
  2. Cindy prophesied: “Sleeping giant wake up!” (Duluth is called the city on the hill, and that it is a sleeping giant.)
  3. Cindy: “We (prophet’s roundtable) feel the Lord is going to give us one more chance to turn this nation around. God wants us to steward our nation—He loves the Nations.”

Thursday Afternoon/Evening Sessions 5/1

  1. Cindy: “We decree over this region, an anointing to pierce the darkness.   Father we decree right now let the clouds roll back. Break open the depths, let the deep call onto the deep, let the ice break open Let the depths of the fountains of the deep break open. Let the earth shake, let things come into order, bring the season, the new season, shift the season now.”
  2. The Lord says, “There is a coming children’s revival, and I am going to raise up an army of the Lord, even on the elementary schools. Watch & see, for there are going to be children’s prayer groups that spring up spontaneously. I am getting ready to anoint a new generation– the next generation.”   I prophesy the babies be born, right now, revival babies.   This child was born as a sign of a watershed change of a new generation for the Lord. This is the new generation!
  3. And the Lord would say (To the child, Daniel) you’re going to be my musicianary, for I will anoint you as a worship leader & I am going to give you the song and God says you are going to open nations with worship. I have given you a great anointing to be a leader, & you are going to prophesy, speak to nations.”   Daniel is a sign to a new generation.
  4. To Daniel’s parents: “I have called you to the nations, you are going to be sent to the ends of the earth. Enlarge the place of your tent, prepare you a silo, for I am getting you ready to burst out with a Jesus People movement type, with youth. You will affect the schools of your community. There is going to be a move of God at the schools in your community—junior, high and elementaries. I am coming to impact those schools. The young people are going to go into their schools and worship in those schools, break them open. I will give you favor with the city’s governments for permits. God says I am getting ready to throw you into a building program, because you are going to double and double again. I am going to build a special place for the children. There’s going to be room at the inn for the children.   You are going to have a dream home, a house of your dreams, if you will plan it, I will build it, says the Lord. You have blessed me, there are going to be plenty of bathrooms, a special music room for the creativity of God to flow. I am going to give—palatial. You get ready; I am going to build it for you. I see a barn is going to be built—a worship barn, party barn. There is going to be people coming to your house just for God parties. I am going to break out by the Spirit and send them into Africa, into Asia, into the Middle East & the ends of the earth. A great & mighty army will arise, of living stones.”
  5. Prophet Sam Brassfield on phone call prophesies: I 35 Hwy is a flood of my glory from Duluth MN to Laredo TX. Greater in some places than others, but like the river of God, it will bring life to many. And as your state is the Headwaters of the Mississippi, which is joined by the Missouri & Ohio (?) rivers—to form a Trinity of Rivers…to flow with my manifest presence as a sign where the banks of the Mississippi are near –I will pour out of Heaven, both the natural & the spiritual rains until the banks will once again be wide and flow like a floodtide into the sea. I will flood these 3 rivers to show that my glory is an answer to the prayers of many who have stood for the return of my manifest presence in the land. Everywhere these rivers flow, so will the river of God, my glory in the Land. You from Duluth at the Headwaters of I-35 tonight, lets declare the river and glory of God to flow—the Lord appearing as a mighty floodtide to water the land, as it was in the days of Elijah, declaring the Word of the Lord. As this brought things back to normal, so you must declare this tonight by the Spirit of Elijah the Prophet. The Toronto Blessing is coming West to Duluth!! And it must flow from the top downward—this anointing, glory like Ps. 133—that you tonight are the royal priesthood and as you declare this, the Toronto blessings will move westward and over your whole region & will form a cloud of glory that will just astound many. “
  6. Cindy believed the prophets and decreed the above prophesy to come down from Canada—from Highway 61 to I35, from MN to Laredo—let your glory begin to fall. Lord, we decree the Toronto blessing and the manifest presence of God. They’re going to come to Duluth just like they came to Redding. The Lord says, “Don’t worry about order—I am going to bring it as a great blessing…it will not be a curse”. Cindy says, “We decree from this moment: Let it begin Chuck Pierce is at the crossroads of I-35 goes east and west….Glory of Zion—pour out your glory there! What is happening here will happen there! It’s done!” There’s fire in the North!
  7. Cindy: “This is not going to be called the Toronto Blessing—but the Superior Blessing! We want a double blessing—Superior & Duluth! A greater blessing!”
  8. Cindy: “And the Lord says over this worship team, I am going to send you out as musicianaries, I am going to send you to places that are very closed…& I am going to send you in there to start worshipping me, and as you worship me I am going to open the heavens, I am going to send you in, bring you out, and you have the anointing to break open the hardest, darkest places, says the Lord.”
  9. Cindy prophesied earlier that oil will come in Wisconsin. God has wealth that He has not opened up, treasures of wealth that He is now getting ready to be released. We have a big harvest to pay for—someone has to make money. Let it be me, Jesus!
  10. Cindy: The Word of the Lord over this region is the Threshing Floor, which I call the new war on poverty. I believe WE are declared to win this war! The threshing floor brought the harvest. We have to prepare for the harvest or it rots in the field. Pray in the Revival…know what your buildings will look like. Pray, war, believe it in! Refuse to let go until God blesses you! Micah 4:13—Arise and Thresh!! We need the office of the Evangelists today!!   The Phillips!!
  11. Cindy: For God says, there is a new movement that is going to go forth from this place; a giant is awake. The giant is trying to stand, and you are going to help this giant to stand. My church, my bride is awakening, says the Lord. I am not only going to cause my glory to come down from this place, but to go out—the gate to the nations is open. Ask me for the nations. I am going to shoot you into the nations; the new mission sending movement will be Ekbala to the nations.
  12. Cindy: God says to the pastors of this area—there is a movement going on—I am going to stir up your young people and they are going to come to you and say, “Pastor, will you send me? Here am I” and the Lord says, “That was for you (a pastor called out of the audience). I am getting ready to ekbala (send) you into the nations…Africa will open up, I’m going to open up the French speaking people to you, & I am going to send you forth with favor to the Democratic
    Republic of Congo. I am going to send you into synagogues, the gates will open to you, I am giving you a key tonight and there it is!!!”
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