Intercessors / February 27-28, 2016 / Courts of Heaven Conference

Courts of Heaven Conference, 

Prophetic Words & Declarations    


February 27-28, 2015

Word: (Dan Walsh) “And I am opening up a new wave length to you now”

Word: (Karen Krueger) The Lord is showing me the whirlwind again, and the whirlwind is over Wisconsin right now.  It has been prophesied to keep your eye on Wisconsin, like looking down over the whirlwind, and also the whirlwind over Minnesota which is bringing about a cleansing of this state. As we stand here together, we are looking down together to see what the Lord will do, and He is cleansing Minnesota so a threshing floor can rise up to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the gold will rise up.  But the 2 states are here together. God is saying, “Watch what I am doing in these 2 states. I don’t give one message to one state and one to another so you can separate them from another. I am giving it to you so you can walk together and see the ekklesia rising up in alignment—to be in right order and alignment with one another,” says the Lord.

Word: (Karen Krueger) “I saw the 2 coming together, releasing the sound of the Lord.  The threshing floor activating and the river state flowing. Wisconsin is the River State, Minnesota the Threshing Floor State. The River State is one of the sound of the living God flowing out. This is the river of what God is doing now.”

Word: (Holly Bagley) I saw these white horses coming down the hill, through the streets, and the Lord wants cities. No one is on the backs of these horses. Today is the day, a new day, a new season. He is coming back for your city, your families, It has begun.

Word: I saw the sounds coming from both states together. Regarding the new wave length, if you know the electromagnetic spectrum and wavelength—some can be dangerous, like gamma rays. “ The Lord said, “I am releasing a new wave length that is deadly to the enemy, but its glory to my people.”

Word: “Be a receiver of God’s presence this year, let His presence come down & soak you. As you receive, says the Lord, the doing will be natural. It won’t be work, it won’t be hard. This year, 2015, put aside all the other years—this is a new season, a new time, the Lion of Judah is roaring in the street. It’s time to take back what the enemy has stolen. It starts in the closet of prayer, in the intimacy with the Father, in your identity knowing that you are sons & daughters & not orphans, knowing that you are children of God. That’s your identity.”

Word: The Lord says that in this hour, I have been shifting, and you have said, “Why the shift again Lord? I feel like I am not landing anywhere. You say, Lord, I feel like my life is tipped upside down. But I say to you, “I am bringing the alignment that you have asked me for the last couple of years. You’ve been saying where do I fit, where do I belong, what is my destiny? and to you it looks like a mess to me it looks like a miracle. And I am turning the things that are wrong side up—over, so it’s right side up. Look up, for mantels are falling for the hour. I am dropping mantels. Who wants them? Who will pick them up? Who will run with them, for this is the hour of the whirlwind. This is the hour of the roar of the Lion of Judah. Are you prepared & ready for what I am bringing? You say you are, but I am asking for total surrender to me in this hour. Look to me alone, not in your circumstances, even for some of you, this will be the year of relocation. A year from now you will not live in the same place, because I am moving, changing, shifting & I am bringing you into your full destiny. Some of you have been in wrong positions, some have lived in wrong areas, wrong cities, wrong states, but for my Kingdom purpose, out of my love for you, will align you where you need to be. Do not be concerned or afraid. I am answering your prayers.”

Word: (Kathy McCord) The Lord says, “Thank you for praying for my land, for my water, for my atmosphere. This is my creation, says the Creator. I placed a destiny before I laid the foundations. I purposed the creation to show my beauty & then I placed man to do the same thing. This is the time of that which has not displayed the beauty of our Creator. To now be transformed. Thank you, hidden ones. Thank you for those who went out & prayed. Thank you to those who went to the places of bloodshed & iniquity, sexual perversion & cleansed the land. My land must be prepared for the King to enter. It must be pure as you must be as my Bride. This is the time we are in. Thank you MN & WI, my family. We are one with my creation. One purpose, one universe, one song to sing holy, holy, holy–the rocks cry out.”

Word: (Erick Rantala) “Mount up (on the horses)!”

Word: “I am releasing a sound from Heaven, do you hear it?   Do you hear this sound, coming from my heart in the whirlwind, in different tunes? Each tune is for a different heart, but all are being fine-tuned in my symphony. If you hear it, grab hold of it this day, for I am doing a new thing in the Land, and I am bringing my ecclesia together. The church of God will be clothed as the Bride of Christ and she is on the rise; the sons of God are on the rise. Grab ahold of this sound from Heaven, the release of my Kingdom is at hand through you.”

Word: “Rise up an army from these dry bones—live again!”

Word: (Sandra Roesner) “I declare, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, a greater unity will manifest between people groups, churches, prayer groups, school systems, the business world, all facets of society, we declare that unity is coming into our society.”

Word: (Sandra Roesner) “We are going to change. The gates of hell are not going to prevail over the ecclesia.”

Word: “It is finished. This is the end of the matter.”

Word: (Karen K.)There are ma ny leaders here & we are going to wield the sword of the Lord together, in right alignment with one another, and the protocol that comes from the Throne of God.”

Word: (Reggie Thiel) “The church needs a new heart—the heart of stone needs to go, and the heart of love to come in—the heart of the Father, the Son & Holy Spirit towards all people. Love conquers all. “

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