Karen Gibson / December 10, 2011 / Worship Angels

Worship Angels


December 10, 2011
Karen Gibson

Karen Gibson(Excerpt from 12/10/11 on our way to Outpost St. Paul)

Where are the worship angels, Lord?  We desire to have the worship angels assisting in implementing worship over this state to bring in the freedom of and releasing of apostolic worship.

The worship angels have never left.  They have been guarding My purposes for My worship state until you in the worship portal of MN are fulfilling your purpose of worshiping in Spirit and in Truth.  You have access to these angelic beings.  They are at your disposal.  Move in the authority I have given you as Worship Apostle for the state and call them to attention. They are there for you.  

As you finish opening the portals of worship at all the outposts, now today in St. Paul and connect the outposts through the leylines, the power grid of eternal light will be shining in and out of MN into the atmosphere above, on and below the earth.  It will be like the Christmas tree in the nation’s capitol or in Rockefeller Square when the switch is turned on and the tree is spectacularly lit.  MN IS itself a portal of worship!  

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