Karen Krueger / May 19, 2016 / “On Bended Knee”-Key to release FREEDOM

“On Bended Knee
Key to release FREEDOM”


Karen Krueger
May 19, 2016
Version 3

The Lord is saying – I have released this team out of South Dakota and in Region 8 to carry and activate a KEY that will now turn the lock on an ancient gate and I have activated my Ekklesia to accomplish this.


This ancient gate which is now about to open can only be done ‘on bended knee’. This ancient gate has held the Native American tribes in bondage to defilement and trauma in the land and defilement and trauma to their people. This gate has also held the white man in bondage to a spirit of hatred and distain toward the the Native peoples of this nation. The KEY that you will carry is designed to fit perfectly into this ancient gate and carries the power to unlock bondage and release FREEDOM!!


Only as you travel the journey of “On Bended Knee” are you able to bear the weight of this enormous KEY   As you travel the KEY will be on a constant path of unlocking the vault of death it has held.  The size of this enormous KEY represents the enormous amount of pain and grief the native people bear today which displays itself in suicide, abuse, drug use and much more.  But the enormous FREEDOM it brings means the end of death and the beginning of life.  A New Beginning!


Many of the people you encounter on this journey of Reservations are not looking for FREEDOM.  They are accustomed to being slaves to the pain and trauma that their lives have held for generations.  Some will experience FREEDOM and others will turn away.  But know that the KEY you are carrying is a sovereign act of God.  All will reap the FREEDOM that flows from the throne of God.


This nation is now in the midst of the Glory Train Turnaround Tour.  It is a turn around year.  It is also a year of Jubilee. So as you journey through “On Bended Knee” the KEY is turning the land and the people back to My intended purposes.  All of this fits together like an exquisite symphony.


This is taking place in Region 8 and you carry the anointing for New Beginnings.  You will now declare that this is a new beginning for the Indian Nations and also declare that all that takes place on this journey will flow completely and flawlessly throughout this entire Nation and on to the uttermost parts of the earth.


The Lord is saying that the journey of “On Bended Knee” is carrying the release of a clarion call to the Native American People to awaken to the heartbeat of the Father. A call to “awaken the sleeping giant!”


The Lord is saying that the Buffalo has been named the American National Mammal in alignment with the unlocking and release of FREEDOM in the plains Region.  This is a sign to the people of God’s sovereign restoration and reconciliation that is about to take place.


The American buffalo, also known as bison, has held great meaning for American Indian people. To Indian people, the buffalo represented their spirit and reminded them of how their lives were once lived FREE and in harmony with nature.


The naming of the Buffalo as the National Mammal is part of the KEY.  The buffalo is an enormous animal and this is directly linked with how enormous the KEY is.  It is very intentional that this is happening at the same time as “On Bended Knee”.  Naming the Buffalo as America’s National Mammal brings a huge restoration and healing to the plains of this Region.  The release of the news of the Buffalo as the National Mammal throughout the nation now will help bear the weight of the KEY you will be carrying.


“FREEDOM is in the air!  Go with God and BE FREE!!”


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