Margaret Williams / February 3, 2010 / Charge to Pray for Security & Boarders

February 3, 2010 – Margaret Williams, ETH,

Continue to pray for the security guards.

Continue to pray for the coast guards.

Continue to pray for the

first responders, saith God.

For surely, there is, there is an attack on

the horizon.


But I would say watch and pray, My children.

Be vigilant, be vigilant on your borders.

Be vigilant

especially on the Canadian border, saith God!

Set up watchmen, set up watchmen on the Canadian border.


In the spirit realm walk that


Walk that border every day.

Walk the border between the United States and Canada, saith God.

Walk that border.

For there shall be an acceleration that shall happen as the weather breaks.

There will be an acceleration of infiltration through those borders, saith God,

There shall be.

Pray that it be revealed.


Pray, saith God. Pray.

Pray, you must pray.

You must pray, saith the Lord.

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