Reggie Thiel / 2014 / Repent America

2014 – Repent America!  






Reggie Thiel
December 2013

The following words are the result of seeking the Lord for the year 2014. They included fasting three days as directed by the Lord. These are the raw words as I heard them without any editing. They are given without my interpretation or application, the necessary follow-up to any prophetic word. In my spirit, I do have opinions concerning these words, but they will not appear here. They are subject to judgment which I welcome, and are just a part of the whole of other prophesy.

The revelation of what I heard was about America (United States), Canada, The Church of America, Evangelism, Israel, and wicked men. The dates when I heard the word will be shown as they came over a period of several days. The prophesies have been combined according to date they were received for better clarity and understanding


Prophesy for America

“Bank. Banking systems. Banking systems will fail.
Destruction is coming to America.
Destruction like she has never seen before.
Gird your loins for destruction is coming to America in 2014.”



“There is a storm coming. A black storm coming.
A storm of destruction.
Gird your loins America.
Your wickedness has come before me. Your vileness.
You are a lost child who last lost your way.
People suffer needlessly.
Not for lack, but for lack of compassion.
Your riches have gone to your head and not your heart.”
“Is this not also true for the churches?
Feed the hungry. Take care of the poor.
Why is there hunger? Because My word is not going out!
Not My true word.
You have adopted another truth but it is an orphan.
It is not My child.
Repent America. Repent!
Turn from your wicked ways.
There is yet time. Time to return to Me, your true Father.”


“Your consumerism nauseates Me.
I vomit it out. Consumerism has become your God.
Why do babies cry? Why do mothers weep? Where are the fathers?
Your culture and your ways have created a fatherless generation.
Return to Me! Repent and return to Me.”


“ Is there not a man? Any man you will believe?
The calls for repentance are many, yet your ears are deaf.
Church! Where are you? Rise up and save America.
For without a turning you shall surely perish.
The time is now for my patience is thin.
Dark seas are churning. Dark roiling seas.
They are about to bring destruction. Massive destruction.
Repent America. Repent or face judgment.
It is not your government I seek to change.
I seek to change you. Each person to righteous living.”



“The waters are many. Waves of destruction.
Waves upon waves of destruction to a nation that will not listen.
Will not listen to My word.
Why will you perish? Why will you die?
Repent and give to Me the glory that is due.
Because of your sins, for they are many.”


“I birthed you out of Love.
I gave you honor among the nations.
But you have turned your back on Me.
Repent and know Me as your God.”
The children cry, the widows mourn following the coming destruction.”


“I know your leaders. I know their hearts. I see the evil.
I see the scheming behind closed doors.
What shall we do they ask? And not once do they seek Me.
For My name has been slandered like a child reviling his Father.
Repent and know Me by Name.
There is yet time.”


“You can hide from the wind.
You can control the fire.
But how do you stop the water?
Waves upon waves of destruction.
Chaos in the streets. Homes set afire.
Where will safety be found?
Stadiums will once again be places of shelter.”
“West coast. West coast. You have become an orphan.
A lost child without a father.
You do as you please without regard to My statutes.
Instead you have created your own statutes, in.
Yet, there is still time to return to Me.
Rise up Church and pray for your nation.
Rise up and let your voices be heard.
Do not be afraid for I will protect you.
I will drive evil away from your door steps.
Let the angels sing. Let them again rejoice over a nation created for greatness”


“A sign. A sign will be given.
Watch the news. A plane will crash.
Calamity will follow within 90 days.
Gird your loins for calamity is coming”



“Screaming. There will be screaming.
Shouts and yells.
Terror on every side.
Fire and water.”


“There is a Rock. His name is David.
He will cast stones at the enemy and see a great victory.
My people will rejoice.”


“Hear the angels sing. They are singing for America.
For she will rise up out of the ashes.
The ashes of destruction.
Pain and misery will abound but My love for America will abound.
Look! She will be a new creation!
A country born of love and hope for the future.”
“Is there one?
One who will stand in the Courts of Justice for Truth.”



“Greatness. Greatness is coming to America.

But not until she arises from the ashes.

Destruction is coming. Gird your loins.

Prepare yourself. You and your family.”


“I see the west coast burning.

Fire and water. Flood.

Do not fear for this too shall pass.

A better day is coming for America.”

Repent America and seek My face.


“Return. Return to Me, your first love.

You were born of wisdom.

Nurtured in righteousness.

Yet you have turned you back on Me.

Your courts are an abomination.

They rule unjustly against Me and My ways.

Repent America for time is short.”




“My heart. My heart aches for America.

Return to Me.

Spare yourselves the pain.

For surely waters will flow and fire will burn.

Save yourselves the pain and the agony.

Repent of your sins.”

“Big business steals.

Government overlords the people.

Abuse of power abounds.”

You were to be My pearl.

A shining light to the world.

Yet, you have lost your way.

The courts are evil and rule unjustly.

Against Me and My ways.”


“There is another day coming.

Coming for the cleansing.

Return to Me America and save yourselves.

My rod is strong. Spare yourselves.

Repent! There is yet time.”


“Fasting? Who will fast and why?

It is not your fasting I seek but your allegiance to Me, your King.

I birthed you in love and nurtured you in faith.

But now your faith is gone.

You have put your faith in riches.

Can your riches save you? Can I be bought?

Destruction is surely coming your way unless you repent of your evil.”




“I am not mad at America.

I am not angry.

But I am displeased.

Correction is coming.

Correction that is long overdue.

My patience has come to an end

My grace period is over.

Repent America or suffer destruction”


“You were born in purity.

Constitutional grace to be a Light for Me.

Why have you turned your back on Me.

Repent for your sins have come before Me.

The time is short. The day is now”




Prophesy for Canada




“Canada. Canada will rise up!

There will be revival.

Dancing in the streets. Parades. Joy!

Many will find Me and make Me there first love.

Revival will start in small communities and

Spread like wildfire across the plains.

Native Americans will lead the way.

Singing. Dancing. Rejoicing. Pure religion!

Homes. Homes will become places of worship.

Small services. Quaint. Simple. Pure religion.

Open the doors! Open the doors to homes.

Drums? I have no problem with drums. I created all.

The sound I hate is hypocrisy.”


Prophesy for The Church of America



“The Church and the world have become one.

You admire the accomplishments of people,

But you ignore the quiet, spiritual life.

Where is your God?

Your god is consumerism.

You are caught up in the good life

While the poor go wanting.

You have the resources.

Feed My people!”


“Government is not the king. I am the King.

Who are you going to serve?

Listen to the cries for help.

Feed My people.”


“There is a voice. A voice that will be heard.

It is a cry for repentance.

Repent America.”




“Churches. Where are My Churches?

Why do you hide?

I cannot hear you. Where are your prayers?

Repent and return to the basics.

Feed My sheep.




“My word is My bond.

Who or what are you bonded to?

Freedom is a precious thing. Repent!”


“You say you know Me but you know another god.

Is this not true?

Your time and your treasure are elsewhere.

There is no time for Me.

You say, ‘life is busy, life is great’.

Are you busier than Me?

Care for the sick. Feed the poor.

Show love to the prisoners.

Church! Awaken to your first love.

Return to Me. Feed My sheep”

Prophesy for Evangelism



“Where are the Evangelists?

Why have you silenced them?

Release the Evangelists.

My chosen men to preach the word of salvation.

Repent and thousands upon thousands shall receive my Name.

Stadiums. Fill the stadiums.

It is time for stadiums across America to once again be filled.

Filled with singing. Filled with praise to My Name.

Let the chorus sing. Let the people shout.

Shout the victory that is in My Name!”


“Pray in the Evangelists. Intercessors!

Pray in the Evangelists for you cannot have revival without the Evangelists.

They are ready. Raise them up.

Honor them with your words. Give them a voice.”

2014 will be the year of the Evangelist!

The start of something great and mighty.

A mighty work of God across America.”


“Is there not a child? A child born to destiny?

One born to preach My word?

Raise her up Intercessors with your prayers.

She will speak the Truth.

Truth with a compassionate heart that will win the souls of hundreds.

Hundreds of thousands.”


“My way is the right way. There is no other way.

The path of righteousness.

Pray for righteousness to sweep the land.

Like a broom gathering the filth together and tossing it into the seas.

You ask what day it is? What is the time? The time is now.

Now is the time to pray these things.”



“War. There is a war raging in the Heavens.

I am freeing the prisoners. Those caught up in addictions.

I am raising one up. I am going to give him a voice.

He will be a voice of reason, of wisdom.

He will preach the truth, My truth, and many will listen.

Pray for him. Pray for his release.”


Prophesy about Israel


“War. There is war. War upon the desert.

Like a fox the warriors will come against my people. My beloved Israel.

But I will defeat them.”

Prophesy toward Wicked Men


“I am a Rock. A Rock that crushes.

And I will crush the souls of wicked men.

I will purge wicked men in the coming year.”


Call to the Wall