Tim Sheets / June 2, 2013 / “My War Eagles Will Terrify Hell’s Regime”

War Eagles: An Incredible Force is Being Released on the Earth: “My War Eagles Will Terrify Hell’s Regime”


Tim SheetsThe following word was received  at The Oasis Church in Middletown, Ohio:

The Lord says, “If anyone attacks you, don’t for a moment suppose that I sent them. If any should attack, nothing will come of it. No weapon formed against youwill prosper, and every tongue which rises up against you in judgment, you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me,” says the Lord.


An incredible force is being released on the earth by our great God. There’s never been a warrior force like it before in history. God says, They are going to be called My ‘War Eagles.’ They will make up My eagle force, and that eagle force will partner with My angel force and My remnant warrior champions. There is coming now a generation of young warriors that will partner with the remnant warriors who have been championing the call for years. And they will now be called My ‘War Eagles.’


Bald eagle“They will ride the waves of My glory. They will ride the currents of My winds. They will ride the out-rayings of My presence, and they will begin to manifest the works of My Kingdom. They will demonstrate My power; they will accomplish My will, My way, and they will ride My tsunami wave ablaze with My glory. (Photo courtesy: Native Americans / firstpeople.us)


“Not one kingdom will be able to withstand them. My unique eagle force will startle the world with the intensity in which they stand for Me. The coming generation of ‘War Eagles’ have been groomed and reserved for Hell’s siege of the earth; and they will now be loosed. They will not bow to the enemies of their God. They will not pay tribute to enemy kings. They will not listen to the propaganda and insults of Hell, and they will not allow Me to be lumped in with other gods which are not gods.


“They Will Terrify Hell’s Regime”

“They will wrap themselves to Me, and I will fly with them. They will twist their grip around Me, and I will mount up with them. We will soar. We will run. They will run, carried by Me, at speeds never before seen, and we will leap the barriers. We will leap the walls, and we will catapult into demon blockades, and break them asunder. We will shatter the gates of Hell.


War eagles“My ‘War Eagles,’ both young and remnant veterans, will now rise with Me,” says the Lord, “and they will scream with hunting aggression and ride Me in the battle. They will battle vicious, cruel regimes. They will bring deliverance to tortured captives. They will not surrender in fear, though surrounded. 


“Though odds may be against them, it will not rattle them. They will not give up, though the facts look gruesome. They will not relent, though new weapons of war never tried before come against them. New war tactics will only strengthen their grip upon Me. They will fly with My weight to them. The weight of My presence will be braided unto them, and they will circle, and they will dive at incredible speeds; and they will devastate the sentries of Hell. (Photo courtesy: Native Americans / firstpeople.us)


“The adversary’s kingdom will now become their prey. My unique eagle force will become terrifying splendor to the kingdom of darkness. They will terrify Hell’s regime because they ride in My presence. My ‘War Eagles’ who wrap themselves together with Me will soar with supernatural power. They will ride the wind currents of Heaven. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. 


“My Spirit will renew them. My presence will re-strengthen them. They will mount up with Me on wings as eagles, and no weapon formed against them will prosper; all who rise against them will fall. This is the heritage of My kids, and their righteousness is of Me,” says the Lord.


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